With beef currently brewing between former band bros B2K, we look at 7 blood brothers that prove a sibling bond can actually be loving.

Reflect with us on award show history with these 10 unforgettable hosts who represented for the Black community on their respective stages.

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Jennifer Hudson says she hopes to make Aretha Franklin “proud” with her portrayal of the late music icon in an upcoming biopic. “I just hope I make her proud [and] do her justice,” Hudson said about playing Franklin in the biopic “Respect,” set to drop next year. “I am just taking it one step at a time, one […]

This guest announces himself as a member of a family that’s like the “Jackson’s that ain’t Jackson’s because we can’t sing.” Marlon Wayans thanks Tom Joyner for all of the times that he’s let him come on the show, and jokes that he only got on the show because he loves his other siblings. Joyner […]

Marlon Wayans is one of those guys that is always there for his friends! Even when they chose to get married on a Thursday night and he has to get up and do press at 5 am the next day! He attended his good friend Sydney Castillo’s wedding and says it was beautiful! But,”Black people […]

When Ayesha Curry said that she has developed an insecurity about the lack of male attention she receives, she got a significant amount of backlash. One person who is not upset with her, but actually understands her feelings is Marlon Wayans. He believes that people should be more compassionate, especially men. Because, she’s married to […]

Marlon Wayans just left “Disneyland for grown ass men” aka Carnival in Brazil! And he says if he didn’t have to come back and work to pay his daughter’s college tuition he would have stayed. Yesterday news broke that wealthy parents had been paying schools to ensure their kids admission but he insists his daughter […]

Marlon Wayans is constantly working! He says he has to because he has so many “Negroes” in his family! He saw his dad recently and says he looks “sleepy.” So, he’s preparing himself to take care of everyone! He’s in a film called Sextuplets that comes out in July and he plays 7 different characters! But […]