Can a KKK robe ever be used to teach the history of racism in America, or is the garment itself simply too racist?

Take a look at the 10 least diverse cities in America, and see if your community is doing a good job or needs improvement.

Charles Booker, Kentucky's 1st Black Democratic nominee for US Senate, got graphic on the topic of lynching in his latest attack on Rand Paul.

The latest example of unnecessary police brutality comes by way of a Kentucky State prisoner who unfortunately died after prison guards used excessive force while he was having a Bipolar mental episode.

Black Lives Matter recently caused naysayers and believers alike to question their overall motives after a BLM branch bailed out a Black Kentucky activist that shot up the Louisville office of white mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg.

A 74-year-old Black woman named Joyce Watkins can attest to being wrongfully convicted of a crime she didn't commit only to be exonerated after spending over two-and-a-half decades behind bars.


A white Kentucky high school teacher was fired after being captured on film fighting a Black student. An investigation discovered he ‘escalated the situation when he told the teenager, who is a gunshot victim, he was ‘just another Black boy who got shot.’

It saddens us to report today that literary icon bell hooks, responsible for the 1981 masterpiece 'Ain't I a Woman? Black Women and Feminism,' has died at the age of 69.

A Kentucky high school is in the national spotlight this week after photos of a recent homecoming celebration showing students giving lap dances to faculty and staff – including the principal, who is also mayor of the city – went viral.


A Kentucky high school teacher has been reassigned to “non-instructional duties” pending an investigation into the physical altercation with a Black male student that was captured on video. 

One Kentucky woman is sitting in the hot seat after her now-former job as a bus driver came to a startling halt when she blindly dragged a 6-year-old girl for 1,000 feet.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Louisville, Kentucky, police said Monday that they had canceled vacations and were setting up barricades in preparation for the state attorney general’s announcement about whether he will charge officers in Breonna Taylor‘s shooting death. A statement from the department said all requests for vacation and days off were being canceled “until […]