Judy Smith

NBC is developing “House Of The Rising Sin,” a multi-generational family drama from “Scandal” co-executive producer Judy Smith, the inspiration for lead character Olivia Pope in the Shonda Rhimes drama. Written by Jeremy Miller and Daniel Cohn (“Entourage”), “House Of The Rising Sin,” from 20th TV, is set against a backdrop of politics and the […]

  Judy Smith, the D.C. fixer upon whose life Shonda Rhimes loosely based Scandal‘s “Olivia Pope,” played by Kerry Washington, is headed to Baltimore to…

Day two of the Fantastic Voyage 2014 was simply amazing! In the two days on this cruise, I’ve experienced what most would typically take entire week maybe even two weeks to achieve. My morning started with working out with Darren Henson. And since it isn’t often that I get to work out with a fitness […]

Gladiators, you’ve had to go the whole summer without your “Scandal” fix but tonight the wait is over. “Scandal” is back and star Kerry Washington already told the Tom Joyner Morning Show it’s going to be a doozy. So get ready. Here is a roundup of all things “Scandal” from more clips from tonight’s show […]

OOOOH, gladiators, we knew you couldn’t wait for this one….the sneak peak of “Scandal’s” third season debut has just hit the web and WE.ARE.AMAZED. By THE COAT that Olivia is wearing. OK, well, there are way more important things going on in this scene, especially the amazingly futuristic presidential bunker (I guess we were expecting […]

Scandalites have waited a long time for this, but it’s finally here. A frustratingly brief Season 3 trailer has hit the web. As you know, we left off last season with Joe Morton’s character, the shady guy behind the shadowy government unit B613, being I’D as Olivia Pope’s father. We know that Olivia and Fitz’s […]

In what seems to be an attempt to revamp Paula Deen’s public persona, her management team brought in Smith & Co CEO Judy Smith. The move comes after Deen initially cancelled her appearance on “The Today Show” last Friday.  Smith, who is the inspiration behind Kerry Washington’s character on ABC’s “Scandal,” and also serves as […]

Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant, fictional characters on the TV show “Scandal,” have one of the most popular star-crossed relationships on TV. Whether it’s the interracial angle or the fact that Grant is a sitting president in love with someone other than his wife or the steamy sex scenes that just flirt the line […]

Lawyer, talk show hostess and author Star Jones has had a long and healthy career in the entertainment industry. As most people know if they’ve read her books or seen her during her time on “The View,” she also has no problem speaking her mind. That’s what she did earlier this year while watching “Scandal.” At […]

Scandalites rejoice! “Scandal” is back on tonight at 10 p.m. and with all the goings on at Pope and Associates, it’s sure to be a doozy. This episode, mysteriously titled ‘Seven Fifty Two” is supposed to answer a lot of questions. Huck’s past will be explored now that he’s returned to OPA after being locked […]

Shonda Rhimes and ABC, we have a problem. Not only is “Scandal” not coming on for another week, there are only THREE WEEKS LEFT in the season. What? Scandal-lites and gladiators, what to do? Well, if you missed the first season, you can catch it on DVD. If you missed any of this season, you […]

Fans of ABC’s hit TV show “Scandal” have been in withdrawal as the last two weeks have been repeats. But their patience will be rewarded tonight when an all-new episode, “Top of the Hour,” will hit the airwaves. When we left off, President Grant and his lover Washington fixer Olivia Pope were trying to work […]