The honorable Judge Greg Mathis made a bold claim against many Black men who he feel were lacking on the BLM protest frontlines.

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Just as it seems that practically everyone in Hollywood is breaking up or dealing with cheating scandals, there are still some who are showing how important commitment is by getting married. The daughter of popular TV personality Judge Mathis recently tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in Malibu and it was the stuff of […]

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Mathis went so far as to liken the poisoning of Flint to a terrorist attack, saying, “Everyday our Homeland Security -- their biggest fear and preparation is for terrorists poisoning the water. The Secretary of Defense talks nervously about that — well in this instance, our government has poisoned the water and it’s causing permanent damage.”

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Katie Couric never saw it coming. Neither did Jane Pauley, Kris Jenner, Megan Mullally, Bethenny Frankel, Bonnie Hunt, or Ricki Lake 2.0. The impressive list of failed syndicated television maidens extends far and wide. Yet right before our eyes, Wayne Brady, Kevin Frazier, Judge Greg Mathis, Michael Strahan, Bill Bellamy, Terry Crews, and Steve Harvey […]

Judge Greg Mathis is successful without a doubt – he’s into his 16th  seasons as a TV judge. But it wasn’t always that way. He began life with some obstacles including involvement in a street gang in his Detroit hometown. After a stint in jail as a juvenile and his mother’s cancer diagnosis, he found […]