J. Anthony Brown

  10/11/16- Sybil Wilkes is going to need a lot of good luck…and caffeine. Find out what kept her up all night and why Tom isn’t helping with his latest bets. Listen above!

10/10/16- Even though Tom had a great weekend in sports, how did he do in the debate? He, J. Anthony Brown and Sybil weigh in on the latest in politics and news headlines. Listen above!

10/7/16- It’s Fun Friday on the TJMS, despite Hurricane Matthew causing havoc in Haiti and in Florida. Find out why some of your favorite things may be taxed do to the weather, especially that. Listen above!

10/6/16- Remember the married man that text in trying to figure out how to go on the 2017 Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage without his wife? The TJMS crew enlists Sherri Shepherd for her help! Listen to her take above!

10/5/16- Is there such a thing as too much television? Between Dancing With The Stars, the VP debate, the Hip Hop Awards and sports the TJMS crew is overwhelmed! Get caught up on the latest in news and entertainment.

10/4/16- The TJMS is starting things off with a bang on a Tuesday! Find out which ‘DWTS’ seems to be uncomfortable with black and find out what to expect from the Vice Presidential debates.  

10/3/16- Why won’t young people vote? Tom, Sybil and J. Anthony Brown break down what they think is the problem You’ll want to hear this one!  

9/30/16- It’s Man Dance Friday and Tom and J. Anthony Brown are pumped up! Find out how the debate affected the porn industry and why Angelina Jolie needs the real Olivia Pope.  

  9/29/16- Are you friends with the anti-christ? Apparently Sherri Shepherd does and it’s all because of the election! Find out whether Tom, Sybil or J. Anthony Brown have given up their non-black friends.

9/28/16- It’s Hump Day and the TJMS is still weighing in on the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Find out why J. Anthony Brown says Trump needs a pull up pal and his recommendation may surprise you!

9/27/16- The first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton aired last night and the TJMS is weighing in on who they think won! Find out who they’re pick is!

9/26/16- Happy Monday! Tom and Sybil had a full weekend in DC at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Find out their favorite moments and more when you listen above.