J. Anthony Brown

  11/8/16- It’s Election Day! The TJMS is up to date with the latest in polling results. Click the link above to hear the crew discus Hillary’s early victory and what to expect when you stand in line to vote.

  11/7/16- Guess who’s back? Click the link above to hear the TJMS crew update J. Anthony Brown on all that been happening in the world including a blind Bill Cosby, Hillary Clinton and those emails and much more.

10/25/16- Happy Tuesday! Find out why J. Anthony Brown understands why a woman sued a popular chicken chain for false advertising and hear allĀ about a church that once banned fat people. Listen above.

10/24/16- Even if you’re not a sports fan you can probably appreciate the comeback kids of the MLB. Find out how the Chicago Cubs made history and listen to Sybil Wilkes share a little known Cubs fact.

  10/21/16- It’s fun Friday on the TJMS and Tom, Sybil and J. Anthony Brown are live in Dayton, Ohio! Find out the latest in news and entertainment from the crew! Listen above!

  10/20/16- It’s Sherri Shepherd Thursday and the TJMS crew (minus J. Anthony Brown) weighs in on the last presidential debate. Click the link above to hear the latest in body language and fashion, Trump style.

  10/19/16- The last Presidential debate is tonight and the TJMS is weighing in on what to expect from Donald Trump. Find out who he invited as his special guest and comment below on who the Malik is in your family1

  10/18/16- What happens when you get caught having a little boy talk? The TJMS crew weigh in and reveal that we all know a few black Trump supporters. Listen above!

10/17/16- Want to make some extra money? Tom and J. Anthony Brown have a new t-shirt idea that goes in line perfectly with the current state of the presidential race. Listen above to the funny!

  10/14/16- It’s Dr. Day on the TJMS! Find out why Sybil thinks Tom may need a special prescription and listen to the guys dish out a few symptoms that should definitely make you want to head to your nearest Doctor.

10/13/16- It’s Friday Eve on the TJMS and the crew, including Sherri Shepherd, are remembering the legendary Tommy Ford from ‘Martin’ and of course weigh in on Trump’s latest blunder and newest accusations.  

10/12/16- It’s Hump Day and Tom is happy as can be! Find out why he says Sybil should be thanking him for an epic Chicago Cubs win and hear the latest blunder from Donald Trump (yes, another one).