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If you think you know how men think, there’s a new show for you. Mind of Man premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. on the Game Show Network with Chicago-based comedian DeRay Davis doing the hosting duties.

“It’s two women trying to figure out what a man is thinking so hopefully we’ll be on for 2,000 episodes,” Davis told The Tom Joyner Morning Show. “Like why I’m up eating popcorn and drinking tea this morning. There ain’t no answer. Ladies need to stop asking. We don’t have no answers for what we do. Just like women don’t. A women’s answer is ‘I do what I feel like.’

Contestants must guess what men are thinking based on answers provided by national surveys. If they guess correctly, then they advance. A celebrity panel tries to help them find the right answers.

“We have three comedians on each show on the panel that’s helping me out, because I can’t read those TelePrompters,” Davis jokes.

So what does the 30-something comedian, who as far as we know is either single or very private about his personal life, have to say about what men really think?

“This is me personally. I’m not speaking for the Game Show Network. I figure most women are upset because of something a guy did a long time ago. We don’t know that dude. We don’t know why he’s happy in his new relationship. Y’all need to stop asking us questions. We don’t know what you did wrong.”

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