Florida mother Marissa Alexander became the poster girl for domestic violence victims and their unfair treatment by the justice system. After facing up to 60 years behind bars for firing a single shot near her abusive husband she was unable to convince a jury she had feared for her life and spent three years in […]

If you’re a black man driving through Florida, steer clear of Miami Gardens. Lawyers call it the stop- and-frisk capital of America. And they’re probably right. Between 2008 and 2013, Miami Gardens police officers questioned an astounding 56,922 people who were not arrested. There were 99,980 total stops that did not lead to arrests, and […]

As a co-host for Keeping it Real with Rev. Al Sharpton, a nationally syndicated radio show, I have been asked on a few occasions why Sharpton, perhaps the nation’s foremost civil rights activist, is still marching after all these years. Last week, I offered an inquisitive listener a simple, three-word response to his question: Stand […]

Michael Cottman

Earlier this week, I wrote a column about how black parents are talking to their sons about race in America after the murders of Black teenagers Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, both gunned down in Florida by white men who claimed self-defense under the state’s controversial Stand Your Ground laws. While it’s necessary to have […]

TV host Jane Velez-Mitchell has probably seen and heard it all by now, on her self-titled HLN show. The anchor is on top of trials, murders, the law and justice, or in many cases, when there’s been a miscarriage of justice, as in the Michael Dunn and George Zimmerman trials. The Tom Joyner Morning Show […]