fathers and sons

A personal tweet that Charles Brockman III, an incoming freshman at Mississippi State University, dedicated to his father went viral.

Ben Jeanty, 27, graduated with his father, Duvinson, a Haitian immigrant who drove an NJ Transit bus for more than 25 years, from college on the same day.

When everyone online went #TeacherBae crazy, I dismissed it as another silly meme. I didn’t even bother to read the story. Then you guys kept arguing and blocking each other and all that hot messiness made me curious. I went to the web thinking I was going to see a woman in front of a […]

Everyone reading this should now have at least three or four invitations to the homegoing ceremony for Harambee the silverback gorilla. Poor Harambee got his wig pushed back after a three-year-old boy fell into his cage. Now everybody is pointing fingers and assigning blame. Honestly, I’m waiting on the report of how much weed Harambee smoked […]

When news broke about rapper Waka Flocka Flame sharing a video of his niece locked in a dog cage, I knew that social media would be outraged. Personally, I thought it was funny as f***. I’m not Ms. Cleo, but I bet I can tell you how it all went down. Little mama kept messing […]

Now that the holiday shopping rush is over, I’d like to open up the discussion to a topic that I find really interesting. Remember that Wal-Mart commercial where the woman and her son are in the store searching for a gift and he reaches up to grab a doll? By the end of the commercial […]

Science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, has been talked about a lot over the last couple of years. This is mostly because the U.S. trails behind almost every other developed nation in STEM-related knowledge. As consumers though, we’re doing the damn thang. We line up for days and camp out overnight to buy the […]

Just the other day while on a walk with Liam, I heard a woman not too far from us scream “N***a, you must got me f***d up. I’ll f*** you up if you ask me that s*** again!” I just figured it was some dude getting out of line and being straightened out. What I […]

 When kids are young, they like to bounce around like pinballs by grade school some start to settle into a sedentary lifestyle. There are video games out aimed to keep kids moving, but let’s be real, how often does your kid beg for the latest dancing title? Raising healthy kids is a big deal for most […]

The kids are back in school and before you know it, department stores will beat us all in the head with their in-store holiday playlists.…

My editor has been asking me since I first started writing this column to talk about what it’s like being a young, Black stay-at-home dad. I didn’t address it initially since I felt too inexperienced at the time to speak on it. But after two years of being a dad, I finally feel like I’m […]

The kids are back in school and before you know it, department stores will beat us all in the head with their in-store holiday playlists. Since molding a small, energetic savage into a responsible adult is job where you never get a vacation, I’ve pulled together a few of the parent and kid-friendly gadgets that […]