For Charles Brockman III, an incoming freshman at Mississippi State University, a personal tweet illustrating his father’s impact on his academic journey went viral after tugging at the hearts of Twitter users, NBC News reports.

Brockman, 17, tweeted side-by-side images of his father, Charles Brockman Jr., walking him to school on his first day of kindergarten and helping him get settled during his first week of college accompanied with the caption “From the first day of kindergarten to college move in. Thank you dad,” the news outlet writes.

The image quickly went viral on Twitter after being shared by notable people. It received upwards of 70,000 retweets and over 280,000 likes. “People take their parents for granted and sometimes parents don’t always get the credit they deserve,” Brockman told the outlet. “The tweet was getting traction. After a while the numbers started tripling. Pretty soon my phone was freezing and I was wondering how big is this thing going to go.”

Brockman told NBC News that being walked to school by his father was something that was done every year since he began school. He says he posted the tweet to show his appreciation for his parents who have served as his support system from day one.

“Some teens argue and fight a lot with their parents. I just wanted to shine a bright moment; an uplifting moment,” he said, according to the outlet.

Brockman is attending Mississippi State University on a track scholarship.



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