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Good Morning Everybody.   In the United States, we are developing a painful, peculiar set of anniversaries. These are our own modern day set of strange fruit anniversaries where we remember the moments when Black men, women, boys, and girls were murdered in cold blood by American police.   Each date is disturbing, but perhaps […]

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Even though time has passed since his death, unfortunately there has been little movement and even slower resolution in the Eric Garner case. Despite consistent media attention and several protests speaking out against his murder by NYPD police officers, the case has been plagued by stops and starts, resulting in the state that it s […]

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In the midst of the truth-telling videos around police brutality and excessive force coming out lately, many are calling for the protection of those who…

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The New York Police Department officer cleared in Eric Garner’s chokehold death is being sued over a 2010 car crash that left a man with…