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73% of American home owners are planning to do renovations on their home this year. HGTV star and real estate expert Egypt Sherrod gave us some advice on which projects they should tackle first common misconceptions, and more. 1. Plan for the unexpected (mentally and financially!) No matter how well you plan, every homeowner will […]

There’s only one woman who can flip virgins successfully, that is flipping houses of course. Egypt Sherrod is back with season three of her HGTV show Flipping Virgins and she has some advice for those who want to try their hand at flipping some houses. “I wanted to do a show like Flipping Virgins where we actually teach […]

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Egypt Sherrod and DJ Mike talk about their relationship and how they worked on theirs over the years. The two have been married for 7 years, although Egypt says it was supposed to be 8. They canceled it because they both realized that they had work to do on themselves as individuals and as a couple. We […]

HGTV’s Egypt Sherrod from Flipping Virgins is passionate about real estate and investing. She loves what she does! Sherrod comes from a family of realtors and investors that had a big impact on her career path. When most people can’t wait to get paid to buy shoes or clothes Sherrod says, “I was buying properties and flipping them. 46 houses later […]

    With a successful background in property and real estate, Egypt Sherrod is no stranger to covering the intense journey of house hunting for first-time buyers. She does this and more as the host of Property Virgins and Flipping Virgins on HGTV. The author, wife and former radio personality talks to the Tom Joyner Morning […]

Egypt Sherrod knows her stuff! Listen to the audio above to hear Sherrod’s real estate tips and also details about her new book Keep Calm…It’s Just Real Estate. Follow The Nightly Spirit on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter! 

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HGTV’s Egypt Sherrod reflects on marriage, her TV show, her long career and much more. Follow The Nightly Spirit on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter!