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Simpson joins 6 other broadcasters selected to the 2020 class of the Radio Hall of Fame.

Donnie Simpson is more than just a pretty face. The legendary broadcaster is an award-winning radio pioneer who has had a 50 year career in radio. He celebrates his 67th birthday today. Born in Detroit Michigan on January 30th, 1954, Simpson is the son of a record store owner so he developed his love for […]

Nothing like having old memories from back in the day with the people you have great history with! Actor Terrence J and Donnie Simpson go way back to BET. “I was Donnie’s intern on Video Soul,” explained Terrence. “You know the light eye crew has to stick together,” laughed Terrence. He’ll be hosting the red carpet event […]

1/12/18- Donnie Simpson has soo many stories that he’s shared since being on the show. However, today he decided to share the story of the time he got a Jheri Curl. Let’s just say Mrs. Simpson was not pleased! READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE HOTTEST STORIES STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX: 

1/11/18- Every now and then you may have to get the hustle game up and for Comedian Bruce Bruce it’s stripping! He did not hesitate to tell us about his job as a stripper. He goes by the name Stretch Mark on the regular but when he performs for the ladies of the church he’s known […]

1/10/18- We’re playing a game on the show called Finish It! Players have to finish the line to a song or a movie after hearing a portion of it. Donnie and Dominique are huge Godfather fans so naturally, they had to prove who the better fan was during a game of Finish It! READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: […]

1/10/18- Getting tickets to your favorite show is always a great thing, but it’s a little harder for comedians especially when they’re home performing. Comedian Dominique tells Donnie and Sybil that when she comes home to perform in D.C. she usually has 45-50 friends and family asking for tickets. She’s trying to make money not […]

1/9/18- Alabama came out on top after being 10 points behind in the NCAA Championship and everyone is talking about it! Donnie Simpson, Sybil Wilkes, and comedian Godfrey talk about how they saw the game what they thought was going to happen. READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE HOTTEST STORIES STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX: 

1/8/18- It seems like it’s warmed up in Dallas over the weekend, enough so that Donnie and his wife could come out and play. They visited the JFK museum where he helped a man propose to the woman he loves. READ MORE STORIES ON BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM: GET THE HOTTEST STORIES STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX: 

1/5/18- It’s Friday and Donnie Simpson brought his boo Mrs. Simpson in to play! But she better watch her purse, because apparently, Sybil Wilkes has sticky fingers! Comedian Rodney Perry was not ready for it. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

1/4/18- Donnie, Sybil, and Demetria were playing Two Truths And A Lie, so naturally Huggy wanted to play. Which one of these is a lie? Donnie Simpson gave Huggy his first laptop, Sybil was the first woman he went to Amsterdam and Greece with and D.C. Mayor Berry gave Huggy his first job. Listen above for […]

We’re playing a game called Two Truths And A Lie, where each person says two truths and a lie about themselves and the others have to guest. Donnie Simpson is up first!  Which one is the lie? He and Sugar Ray Leonard are friends, his first trip to Europe was with Frankie Beverley and Maze and Michael […]