Don Lemon

Gay Black men are giving Don Lemon the side-eye following his recent appearance on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook series, Red Table Talk. Lemon’s comments about his dating preferences has sparked debate online after he seemed to suggest that the reason he prefers to date white males is because gay Black males are mostly on the DL (down low). […]

Fans of Wendy Williams’ talk show were surprised to see Don Lemon filling in for her on Monday. The daytime diva is taking another week off as she recoups from a shoulder injury. Lemon joined a trio of notable women who held it down for Williams because “it takes four people to make up” for her absence. Wendy was scheduled […]

The little guy with the big jokes, Kevin Hart has thought about and now, once again, has decided against hosting the Oscars. More on that shortly. But en route to that decision, Hart had to deal with heat from newscaster Don Lemon. Friday night on his “CNN Tonight” broadcast, Lemon shared his thoughts on the hubbub surrounding Kevin Hart and […]


Don Lemon is clearly fed up with Donald Trump‘s lies. Especially his claims that campaign finance violations conducted by his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen, allegedly at Trump’s direction, are “just like what Obama did during his campaign.” The CNN Tonight host said Monday that “I just want to scream at the television when I see” […]

MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. (AP) — A northern Arkansas man who allegedly made threatening phone calls to CNN anchor Don Lemon has pleaded not guilty. The Baxter Bulletin reports Benjamin Craig Matthews, 38, appeared in Baxter County Court Thursday . Matthews, who is from Mountain Home, about 110 miles (177 kilometers) north of Little Rock, is […]

A white man from Arkansas was arrested on election day after he allegedly made more than 40 calls to CNN headquarters, some of which included death threats against CNN anchor Don Lemon, USA Today reports. Benjamin Craig Matthews, 39,  faces five felony counts of terroristic threatening, nine misdemeanor counts of harassing communications and four misdemeanor counts […]

NEW YORK (AP) — CNN isn’t commenting about Don Lemon’s statement that white men represent the biggest terrorist threat in the country. Lemon’s statement, on his show Monday, attracted criticism in conservative circles. He was talking about the negative attention given to a caravan of potential refugees in central America. Meanwhile, white men are the […]

CNN’s Don Lemon said Monday night that Christine Blasey Ford’s attempted rape allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sparked a conversation with a family member “extremely close to me” who opened up about being sexually assaulted by a boyfriend. “In my life, it hasn’t mattered if the person was 17 or 70 — the pain and the damage are real, […]


  CNN’s Don Lemon has responded to Donald Trump’s twitter attack labeling him and LeBron James “dumb and dumber,” saying: “Let me not mince words here: This president traffics in racism and is fueled by bullying,” he said during a 9-minute monologue Monday night. Lemon took to the airwaves to deliver a scathing response to Trump slamming his interview with James. […]

Donald Trump went on another twitter rant, once again attacking black people. And in typical Donald fashion he was suggesting that they are not intelligent. Trump took shots at Don Lemon and LeBron James after they called him out for his racism. When people of color he goes against their intelligence, but he never seems […]

While many people were celebrating LeBron James for opening his I Promise school, the president decided to attack him. Donald Trump decided that both LeBron James and Don Lemon are “dumb.” There is nothing worse than a dumb person calling someone else dumb! His wife, Melania, “kind of” supported LeBron by saying that she would […]

LeBron James took his talents to CNN and ESPN on Monday to promote the opening of his passion project – an elementary school for at-risk children in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. During his interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, the conversation expanded to include race and politics in the United States. The NBA superstar took the opportunity […]