The pandemic is leaving everyone stressed and uptight or stuck in the house bored.  Your timeline is filled with coronavirus updates or families doing Tik Toks and by now you're looking for things to do.  Instead of wasting your days by just working and scrolling while practicing social distancing, plan your own wellness week.

Here's a few DIY beauty hacks you can mix at home during your self-quarantine time.

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Hey Natural Beauties, are you tired of being stuck in the house waiting for your twist out to dry?

Curling custard, curling pudding and curling cream are the “it” products of the natural world. These creamy emulsions are often used by naturals for wash-n-go styles as well…

The key to any healthy hair regimen is balance. Too often we put so much focus on moisture, and not enough on protein. Our hair…

Skip the spa and create your own heavenly bliss! Not only are roses synonymous with love and romance, but they serve as a boundless source…

While it’s totally chic to be versed on the most buzzed-about beauty products, there’s something oh-so-charming about a girl who cooks up her own beauty routine. Cooking in general can be intimating, so me in the kitchen making my own shampoo is quite fearful. But I’m up for the challenge if you are! Here’s seven […]