On April 27, 2018, award-winning actor, William Allen Young of the CBS hit show Code Black, will host the opening gala celebration, “A Great Day in Black Hollywood” at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center to kick off the 24th Annual African American Film Marketplace (AAFM) and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase held April 28 […]

NEW YORK (AP) — Just as “Black Panther” is setting records at the box office, a new study finds that diverse audiences are driving most of the biggest blockbusters and many of the most-watched hits on television. UCLA’s Bunche Center released its fifth annual study on diversity in the entertainment industry Tuesday, unveiling an analysis […]

  Alfreda went to the store to get a birthday present for her child’s friend. She decided to buy a Black doll for her child’s friend who happens to be White and received interesting looks. It raises the question of representation that Russ and the crew discuss. Don’t Miss Out! Follow The Russ Parr Show […]

Allegations of “reverse racism” hover over a Texas University in response to a petition that seeks to name a new residence hall after a person of color, a woman or a person who is both. The University of North Texas is scheduled to open its new residence hall in spring 2019 on the southwest corner […]

Black Santa, a new app released by The Ravenel Agency, allows users to receive a video message directly from Mr. Claus.

Why aren’t Hollywood films more diverse? The international box office might be to blame (The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.) Roberto Pedace, Scripps College (THE CONVERSATION) In 2014, a hacker group leaked confidential information from Sony Pictures Entertainment, including a controversial email written by an […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is nominating white men to America’s federal courts at a rate not seen in nearly 30 years, threatening to reverse a slow transformation toward a judiciary that more closely reflects the nation’s diversity. So far, 91 percent of Trump’s nominees are white, and 81 percent are male, an Associated […]

NEW YORK (AP) — CoverGirl executive Ukonwa Ojo was struck when the team from an ad agency entered the room to pitch ideas for revamping the cosmetic company’s image. For the first time in Ojo’s more than 20-year career in business, she found herself working with an African-American creative director. That meeting would ultimately result […]

Columbia University has pledged to allocate $100 million over the span of five years towards faculty diversity.

Recently Dove released an ad depicting a Black woman turning into a white woman after using their soap. Soon after the company released a statement apologizing for the ad. What everyone wants to know is why does this keep happening? Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with author and activist Michaela Angela Davis to find out. “Honestly […]

ABC and the producers of American Idol” are reportedly at odds about the racial makeup of its still-unsettled judging panel. So far, only Katy Perry has been confirmed for the rebooted show (for a reported $25 million payday). And according to TMZ, Luke Bryan is close to signing a contract to sit beside her. At […]

Claws actress Niecy Nash recently made an appearance on Netflix’s Chelsea Handler show, where she explained why her success, and the success of other black actresses, doesn’t mean the conversation about Hollywood’s diversity issue is over. Nash discussed how far Hollywood has come since the days of mostly “one-note” black female characters. “There was a point […]