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Naomi Campbell is facing backlash online after revealing that she was recently offered “tons of money” to walk in an exclusive Black fashion show but turned it down.

While discussing the need for more diversity in the fashion industry, Campbell explained in a new interview with The Guardian why she’s not down with supporting an all-Black fashion show.

“People of colour are in a very interesting position right now. We’re more than just in vogue. We are the culture. I feel a difference on many levels now.”

She also noted that one of her friends called it a “cult.”

“To hear this called a ‘cult,’ that was like ‘Wait a second: so you want me to feel bad now that things are turning the other way?’ No. We just want balance, end of story.”

Campbell says doing an all-black fashion show would contradict her beliefs.

“I won’t do an all-black show, for instance, because it would be hypocritical given what I’ve stood for, for so long,” which was “balanced inclusion.”

“I can see clearly when brands want diversity because they get it and think it’s the right thing to do – and the ones who just think it will look bad if they don’t,” the Supermodel claimed.

But many Campbell fans are not feeling her comments, with one responding to the interview by calling her “delusional.”

“Some people like being the only black or person of color in the room,” one commented. “I’m sure it sounded real noble in her head,” another said.

A third noted, “She probably turned down that all black fashion show because it wasn’t high profile enough for her. That’s all it was. She’s just trying to spin it into something profound. If any of the high profile, high fashion designers wanted to lead an all black model fashion show, Naomi would have jumped at the opportunity.”

Another critic added, “Smh. She would rather keep being the token then (sic) represent her own culture and community. Highlighting your own community doesn’t mean you’re not being inclusive. It’s giving people the chance to shine who would never get a chance otherwise.”

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