Van Jones is out from his position at, but still has big plans for the $100M grant from Jeff Bezos. Will reputation ruin it though?


LAS VEGAS (AP) — From the opening bell, Democrats savaged New York billionaire Mike Bloomberg and raised pointed questions about Bernie Sanders’ take-no-prisoners politics during a contentious debate Wednesday night that threatened to further muddy the party’s urgent quest to defeat President Donald Trump. Why did Bloomberg show up tonight? 😂 — Kaveh (@KavehK7) […]

Roy Wood Jr. pointed out that “we are basically a year away” from the presidential election. Which means we have “another year of watching white people , and a couple black people y’all probably won’t vote for because y’all wrong, argue with each other.” Last night’s debate got interesting when Joe Biden’s comments about weed came […]

Tonight’s Democratic presidential debate is being held in Atlanta, Georgia on the Oprah Winfrey Sound Stage at Tyler Perry’s studios. Roland Martin Talks to Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who says she’s “hoping in the name of Jesus all goes well for the city.” Bottoms wants the candidates to talk about affordable housing, because it’s […]

Chris Paul’s take on last night’s debate is rather interesting and entertaining. He uses theme songs like, The Jeffersons and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air to explain how it all went down. There’s really no way to explain it, you just have to listen for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!

Last night was the Democratic debate at Texas Southern University and Russ felt like Amy Klobuchar did a really good job. However he doesn’t believe that she actually has a chance at winning the election. In reality everyone did a pretty good job. Especially Buttigeg, who he says “has the whole package,” but he adds […]


WASHINGTON (AP) — Bernie Sanders is calling for revolution. Marianne Williamson would rather see a psychic, “moral uprising.” RELATED: Takeaways From The first Detroit Debate The 67-year-old self-help author and spiritual adviser to Oprah Winfrey now vying for the Democratic presidential nomination doesn’t sound or carry herself like a politician. Speaking in wandering streams of […]

Huggy Lowdown watched the Presidential debate and couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the candidates names would make interesting names of weed. Imagine a Klobuchar kush, or Buttigeg Bud. Huggy has a whole list of great names and just couldn’t contain his laughter. Listen to the audio above and comment your favorite name. […]

Part one of the presidential debate was last night and part two is tonight. Sybil calls Harris, Biden, and Booker the big 3 because of the way they have previously gone at each other and performed at debates. She also finds it interesting that people put so much effort into pronouncing Pete Buttigieg’s name properly […]

Yesterday was the second night of the Democratic Debate and it got interesting. Kamala Harris basically told all of the candidates to shut up and then she went in on Joe Biden. Just like before, Chris Paul summarizes the debate using songs. You don’t want to miss this! HEAD BACK TO THE BLACKAMERICAWEB.COM HOMEPAGE

Last night part two of the Democratic debate aired and it was intense. Kamala Harris was not playing any games, as candidates began talking over each other and going back and forth she all but told them to shut up. She then specifically called out Joe Biden on his work with racists in the past, […]

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In just a few moments I wanna talk with you about a huge election victory we had in New York on Tuesday, and how I think you can duplicate in your own city, but first, I wanna give you my raw thoughts on the first Democratic debate. I have to preface all of this with […]