David Bowie

One of the first times Damon heard a white artist on a Black radio station, it was David Bowie. One of his most famous songs, Fame, is a mystery; we know we love it, but we have no clue what he’s saying. Good thing Damon is able to clear it up. According to him, Bowie […]

Yale University has rounded up several prominent artists and musicians for its upcoming four-day conference on the influence and legacy of music icons Prince and David Bowie. Titled “Blackstar Rising & the Purple Reign,” the seminar s a multi-day symposium that will “explore the careers of two singular musicians who changed the face of popular […]

Unfortunately we have sad news to report on Iman. Less than three months after losing her husband, the legendary David Bowie to cancer on January 10, the supermodel’s mother has passed away. Iman, 60, shared the loss of her beloved mother, Marayan Baadi, on Instagram, posting a photo of her family at her wedding, captioned: […]

David Bowie was not only a cultural icon, but he was also a fan of black music and often advocated for musicians of color to get equal airplay. In an interview with MTV,  Bowie sat down with host Mark Goodman and criticized the lack of videos by black artists. Watch below. Just another reason why […]

Legendary rock star David Bowie has died. He was 69 years old.

NEW YORK (AP) — David Bowie, the other-worldly musician who broke pop and rock boundaries with his creative musicianship, nonconformity, striking visuals and a genre-bending persona he christened Ziggy Stardust, died of cancer Sunday. He was 69 and had just released a new album. Bowie, whose hits included “Fame,” ”Heroes” and “Let’s Dance,” died “peacefully” […]

Janelle Monae adds a soulful twist to David Bowie’s “Heroes” and it’s bound to have you dancing around the room. The singer teamed up with…