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Unfortunately we have sad news to report on Iman.

Less than three months after losing her husband, the legendary David Bowie to cancer on January 10, the supermodel’s mother has passed away.

Iman, 60, shared the loss of her beloved mother, Marayan Baadi, on Instagram, posting a photo of her family at her wedding, captioned:

Entertainment Tonight reported that Marayan Baadi, passed away earlier this week after an 18-month battle with cancer.

Since her husband’s tragic death at age 69, Iman has kept a relatively low profile. She was spotted out and about in New York City, walking her dog while wearing black, back in February, according to US Weekly. Later that month she shared an inspirational message via Instagram, quoting writer Rune Lazuli:

“Each tear is a poet, a healer, a teacher,” she wrote.

Iman has spoken previously about how proud she was of her parents’ involvement in the Somali independence movement, and what a big impact her mom had on her life.

“My mother was an activist, so was my father. They came from a generation of young Somalis who were actively involved in getting independence for Somalia in 1960,” she told Britain’s The Guardian newspaper in 2014.

“So I remember when I was 5 how busy our house was. People would come in the middle of the night, meetings after meetings, and protests and all that. I grew up in the midst of all of that. And she instilled that in me. The fact that nobody can take your self-worth unless you give your consent,” she added.

“She always said to me that there is nothing that the boys can do — because I had two brothers — that you can’t do, if not better.”

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(Photo Source: AP)