Carl Thomas, Dave Hollister, and Donell Jones, three of the biggest names in R&B music in the 90s and 00s, are forming a “supergroup.” The Chicago natives announced that they are forming a new singing outfit called The Chi.

  R&B and Gospel crooner Dave Hollister has returned to music with a new album that he hopes will be a blueprint for relationships. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about what this body of work means and why he refuses to wear a label in the music industry. What does Manuscript mean? […]

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Dave Hollister performs “The Christmas Song” in the Tom Joyner Morning Show Studios.

Dave Hollister was one of the most talented R&B singers in the game before taking an 11 year hiatus. But it was during this time Dave fell victim to drugs, and lost himself in the process. He talks to”The D.L. Hughley Show” about this dark period in his life. Listen to the audio player to hear […]

For iPhone:   For iPhone:    Watch Dave Hollister’s In-Studio Jam here.  Soul man Dave Hollister who once was the lead singer in the 90’s group BLACKstreet is back with another solo project. Though he dipped his toe in gospel music for awhile, Hollister is heading back to the solid R&B he’s known for . […]

Hed: Listen and Learn Dek: Dave Hollister sings about love, life and growth on his new album, Chicago Winds… The Saga Continues Everything is different now. With his ninth forthcoming album, Chicago Winds…The Saga Continues, Dave Hollister sings like a new man—one who has learned a few lessons in love, knows how to woo his […]