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Soul man Dave Hollister who once was the lead singer in the 90’s group BLACKstreet is back with another solo project. Though he dipped his toe in gospel music for awhile, Hollister is heading back to the solid R&B he’s known for . His latest CD Chicago Winds…The Saga Continues is out on October 21st. 

Hollister became a minister during his gospel period and says he returned to R&B to ‘bring the light to all men.”

“The Bible says go be into all the world. You can’t be in all the world, if you’re just in the four walls of the church,” Hollister says. Even his single “Spend the Night” is about getting married. Hollister is known as a great storyteller in his music with songs like “My Favorite Girl” and other records about infidelity and cheating which he admits he was once guilty of. But on this album, he reflects a changed man if not a changed musical sensibility. He’s still a soul singer of the old-fashioned kind with a voice that is equally gifted for gospel and R&B.

Hollister gets his musical lineage through family ties. His cousins are K-Ci and JoJo Hailey from Jodeci, and his brother-in-law is singer Glenn Lewis. One of his brothers is a background singer for Ginuwine.

But what most folks don’t know is that Hollister was also in Digital Underground was once Tupac Shakur’s roommate. He says that’s him on the DU hit ‘Same Song.”

“I was in Japan and they heard me sing with Glenn Lewis and they asked me to come over between our shows and Tupac drug me onstage. After that Shock (G, the leader of DU) said, ‘I’m going to keep him.’ Pac was a cool, laid-back dude. He was one of my closest friends and he was a good guy. He just knew what to do to sell records.”

Hollister still gets emotional when he talks about  Tupac.

“He was really socially conscious and I think he thought about ‘Do I want to do this?’ In his later years, he got tired, but it’s hard to stop what you’ve started.”

R&B singers face a struggle these days. A recent Billboard story says that no artists have gone platinum yet this year in any genre. Hollister says that this album was always meant to continue themes of his most popular release Chicago ’85: The Movie.

This continues in the same vein, though the songs this time show a man who’s grown and matured.

“Chicago Winds” is out on October 21.

(WARNING: Video is NSFW)

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“I’m Different”

“Spend the Night” Teddy Riley remix

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Dave Hollister 10-16-14
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