Women love to say that men are liars, and in some instances that’s true. Men like to lie about how long they’ve been single, they say their phone died when they don’t want to talk, after a breakup they say ‘we should have stayed together, or that they want a serious relationship.

Men and women are so different and men think women are so weird! Women do things like steal men’s sweatshirts, buy decorative soaps and towels that you can’t use, and always want the opposite of what they have. Overall men just find women weird! And we’re pretty sure that women feel the same way about […]

It’s been rumored that Keshia Knight-Pulliam was dating fellow actor Brad James and by the looks of a recent social media post, it’s true. 

Moving in together is a big step in a relationship! There are some rules to consider though, however they’re unspoken so you should just know. Always know which shows you watch on TV together, don’t call him on his crazy and he won’t call you on yours, and whichever side of the bed you pick […]

If your child had a really fine teacher who asked you on a date would you accept? Kym and Sherri would! Especially if it helps their kids get better grades. They’re both willing to do whatever it takes for their child to succeed. But only if the teacher looks like Idris Elba, neither of their […]

Ladies, waiting for a man to call can be so annoying! But, why must we be so weird while we wait? We like to do a play by play of the last date, figure out what we’re going to say when he does call, and check the reception a few times. Let’s all chill out […]

Long ago, if a woman needed a break from dating horrible men, she’d lock up her vagina and toy with the idea of becoming an LBD – Lesbian By Default. However, in recent years, the climate surrounding human sexuality and gender fluidity has shifted in favor of those who reject boundaries and restrictions in their […]

Have you ever been on a date so bad you couldn’t wait to get out of there? Well, there are some situations where it’s completely reasonable to leave a date within the first 10 minutes. If he tells you that “you don’t look like your picture,” takes a picture of you for his mom, or […]

Men and women are just wired differently. Because of this men tend to find things romantic that woman don’t. Like  a surprise pet….those come with responsibility no thanks. Also, hiding the ring in food…that’s a choking hazard. And whipped cream, chocolate sauce and other sex foods….sounds like a yeast infection.  

It’s great to be comfortable with your man. But are you too comfortable? Being too comfortable is never a good thing, and can kill the romance in relationships. If you shave your privates in front of him, put lube on the grocery list, or ask him to wash his man parts you are way too […]

Singer Lizzo is having the come up of the year. She just killed the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards, and her hit “Truth Hurts” is number one on the Hot R&B/Hip Hop charts. Even though her career is soaring, when it comes to love, the 31-year-old is exercising a little more caution. Lizzo told Entertainment […]

Relationships are fun and can be great for posting cute photos on Instagram! But, dating a stalker isn’t as fun or cute. You’ll know you’re dating a stalker when you notice that he hates giving you space, he wants all of your friends and family’s phone numbers, or if he surprises you at home and […]