A woman in Arizona is in big legal trouble after she faked a lease. Neighbors say they saw the woman moving into the home that they didn’t even know the home was for sale. And apparently it wasn’t. The woman just decided to move into the house on her own and when the police showed […]

Damon thinks that he’s glad he’s a married man and not a young man dating in today’s world like his son. He feels like the young men today have way more to worry about. Back in the day they only had to worry about not getting the girl pregnant, and if she’s clean. Now they […]

There are a lot of things that people have tried to smuggle their drugs in but this might be a first. An Alaskan man was stopped in the airport and TSA searched his bag. What they found is frozen goat guts, but more interesting is what was wrapped in the guts. $40,000 worth of drugs […]

You get no sympathy when you’re from Chicago and leave your stuff in the car and get robbed. Damon was in Houston for a show with HBCU Comedy Jam. He decided to go to Papadeaux on the “beautiful sunny day,” and when he came back outside he found the windows to his car busted out […]

A Purdue University engineering student says he wasn’t able to buy any cold medicine thanks to an ignorant CVS worker in Indiana. He was required to show his ID to purchase the cold medicine, which is normal, but what happened next is crazy. The clerk looked at his ID and said he needed to show […]

Damon has recently realized that he may be “too broke to die.” He attended John Witherspoon’s “celebration of life,” and it was so “elaborate,” and beautiful. That’s what made him realize that he doesn’t have enough money to have a home going ceremony half as nice as that. So, he’s going to keep working and […]

A woman in Louisiana is in big big trouble after she decided to help high school students in her own way. The 52-year-old was arrested and charged with maintaining false public records. She was reportedly selling fake doctors notes to students so they could have excused absences. It was going great until two students “over […]

Yesterday Chicago teachers finally came to an agreement to end their strike and get back to work. Damon thinks that’s great news and he’s glad that the teachers are back to work and kids are back to school. But he just has to mention that teachers nowadays are super fine! He never had a teacher […]

This story is quite disturbing. A 20-year-old man went to his local target and got “a little too friendly” with the stuffed animals Damon says. The man apparently went to the Disney isle and “dry humped” a Frozen stuffed animal until he “finished.” But he didn’t stop there! He apparently then put the toy back […]

A woman in California was found living with 300 pet rats…in her van! According to reports she started with just two rats, and they just kept having babies until it was over 300 of them. The woman is now looking for somewhere new to live after her “pets” chewed up all of the vans electric […]

Damon thinks that people are doing way too much for certain occasions! For example, when it comes to high school prom and homecoming people do entirely too much! They rent Bently’s when they could put that money toward their child’s college. “Damn that,” Damon says, “rent a ford fiesta and put the rest of the money […]

Weddings can be so stressful and expensive so we really understand this man’s desperation. A Texas man named Heath Bumpous robbed a bank the day before his wedding to pay for his bride’s ring and the reception venue. But, it didn’t work out the way he hoped it would. His wife-to-be recognized him on local […]