Oprah Winfrey and The OWN Network will be premiering a new television special titled "Honoring Our Kings: Own Honors Black Fatherhood," hosted by celebrated actor Sterling K. Brown. 

Father’s Day is Sunday and we are supposed to spend the day honoring and loving our dads! Odds are you’ve probably dreamed of being adopted by one of these guys before. Phillip Banks, wouldn’t it have been great to be raised by Uncle Phil?! Or even James Evans…he was pretty cool! Don’t Miss Out! Follow […]

One Ohio father is being called a hero after he shared photos of the igloo be built out of snow for his disabled daughter. Gregg Eichhorn’s actions have been hailed as “heart-warming” with social media users encouraging each other to “be like Gregg.” But the father of nine insisted: “I’m not that special.” “I just thought […]

Whether it is a movie or TV show, Black fathers are often not shown as being positive influences in their families. Instead, we are constantly bombarded with story lines that create a misconception that all Black men are bad fathers. Nationally syndicated radio hosts and fathers, Rickey Smiley and Willie Moore Jr. participate in the “Fatherhood: […]

Ladies, how often does your man do your daughter’s hair? Is he good at it? Even if you said no, come to the Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion and let him show off his skills for a chance to win Dream Kids hair products and a $200 WalMart gift card. African Pride is a sponsor […]

There comes a time when your children may go off to college and they’ll definitely need some tips to help them navigate their way. This time DL’s focusing on the top ten things dad’s should tell their sons before going to college. Have you told your sons anything on this list? Don’t Miss Out! Follow […]

Dear Tom, My husband Jimmie Peake Jr., is the greatest person you could ever meet. My husband was a Marine and never in his life would he meet a stranger. Jimmie is a pastor of Greater New Zion Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC and he has been there for 10 years this year.  God has […]

50 Cent lost even more credibility this past weekend when he chose to take a rain check on his son’s high school graduation. According to his son, Marquis  Jackson, and the boy’s close family members, 50 Cent purposely missed out on a very pivotal moment in his son’s life. Rumors began to escalate when an emotional Facebook post […]

The countdown to Father’s Day has officially begun! Bishop Secular wants to make sure that everyone is preparing to treat the fathers the same way they treated…

Do fathers have the right to see their children be born? D.L. Hughley believes wholeheartedly they do. Listen to this exclusive Grab Bag to hear his own…

A father is suppose to be a little girls first love and the person you can tell your secrets to. But sometimes there are things…

A father is suppose to be a little girls first love and the person you can tell your secrets to. But sometimes there are things daughters wish their dads already knew. So it’s a good thing “The D.L. Hughley Show” is here to help all of the fathers out there. Listen to the audio to […]