Jerry Jones is so upset about the loss the Cowboys took in New Orleans. The Cowboys lost to the Saints on Sunday night football 12-10. Jones says if Dak performs the way he did on Sunday one more time he’s getting cut! He can’t believe that Dak and Zeke asked for more money and they […]

It’s The Cowboy’s Wakeup Show and Jerry Jones and Dak Prescott are on a high after beating the Seahawks on Saturday. They’re headed to round tow of the NFL playoffs and will face the Los Angeles Rams in LA. Jones is “happier than Michael Irving with a new bag of drugs.” but he won’t be […]

Today on The Cowboys Wakeup Show, Jerry Jones is happy about their win but not so happy about Dak’s performance! They defeated the Eagles and Jones says ” I made America’s team great again,” but too bad Dak seems like he doesn’t want to win. Jones believes that they’ll go all the way to the […]