Several weeks ago, our Friday Funny Chair comedian Damon Williams shared that his wife is allergic to cold temperatures — like, literally breaks out in hives. Even though it’s late March, we wanted to talk about cold urticaria (ur-tih-kar-e-uh) because it doesn’t only happen during cold winter months. It is a rare disease and many […]

Chris Paul remixes Will Smith’s Summer Time and raps about the bone chilling cold gripping the country. Its “winter winter winter time” and “it’s cold as hell!” Its in the negatives in several cities across the country and people have been advised to stay indoors. As usual Chris Paul completely nails his rap! Listen to […]

It’s so cold in DC they’re in the teens! Huggy calls it “Surviving R.ctic Weather!” But the cigarette smokers seem to be okay because they’re still standing outside flicking their ash in mittens. That’s serious addiction! It’s so cold that cousin Nardo bought his girlfriend a wig with thermal lining to keep her head warm! HEAD […]


BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Winter’s sharpest bite in years moved past painful into life-threatening territory Tuesday, prompting officials throughout the Midwest to take extraordinary measures to protect the homeless and other vulnerable people from the bitter cold, including turning some city buses into mobile warming shelters in Chicago. Temperatures plunged as low as minus 26 […]

Winter in Chicago is no joke! There is nothing like getting in your car and seeing that the temperature is 5 or 0. Every winter Damon wonders why he still lives in Chicago, but he never leaves. His wife is actually allergic to the cold. If the weather gets below 30 “her skin does a […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — When it comes to weather, it’s hard to sound scarier than “bomb cyclone.” It’s a version of a real weather term that applies to a massive winter storm that pulled together Wednesday off the U.S. Southeast coast. But as fearsome as the storm is with high winds and some snow, it may […]

1/2/18- Damon Williams is mad! He thinks people need to stop saying to people from Chicago that they can’t say they’re cold when they’re from there. Listen to Damon talk about just how cold it is in Chicago. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

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BOSTON (AP) — Another weekend, another major snow storm: The latest system to sweep the Northeast brought another foot to Boston — on top of 6 feet that has fallen over the last month — and tested New Englanders who say the winter is beginning to feel like one without end. Even after the storm, […]

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