Chris Paul delivers the funny and strange news headlines including Kanye West's birthday gift from new girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, the most shoplifted items and more.

Comedian Chris Paul delivers the funny and strange news headlines. Today, he talks about cougar Tyra Banks' new love, Lauryn Hill's tax woes and former football players T.O. and Chad Ochocinco.

Comedian Chris Paul reports the funny and strange headlines: John Travolta's alleged affair with his pilot, the stealing of cooking oil, the 100 Midget March and more.

Comedian Chris Paul delivers the strange and funny news headlines: a three-year-old riding in a car with a loaded handgun, an elderly man is thrown out of a Barnes and Noble for browsing alone in the children's area, and Janet Jackson produces a new documentary about the transgender life.


Kevin Durant concluded their 3 game streak against the Mavericks. Young Legs kick old asses Floyd Mayweather Jr. beat Miguel Kotto. Frego Briefs give maximum support for men. The Avengers raked in 200 milion dollars.

Chris Paul’s morning minute. 48% of chicken contaminated with E coli and fecal matter. Man attacked by Swan The cost of a prom

Chris Paul’s latest parody, the Morning Minute.

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Talk about finding love in the strangest of places. Watch as Chris Paul confesses his addiction.