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Hey Taurus fam —  it’s your season!

Starting from April 20 and ending on May 20, those that rep the Earth sign, one symbolized by a bull no less, take over with a serene energy and love for the finer things in life. Actually, that pretty much sounds like a dead-on description of some famous Taurus celebs that come to mind, including the soulful spirit of jazz legend Duke Ellington all the way to the rock-hard stature and nature of wrestler-turned-Highest-Paid-Hollywood-actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Yeah…The Scorpion King deserves all his creds!


Take a look at our Celebrity Zodiac: Taurus gallery, and see if you can spot some of those same strong and stable personality traits in this list of actors, actresses, athletes, politicians, comedians, “It Girls,” soul legends and a certain pop music Queen by the name of Janet Jackson.


1. Byron Allen

Byron Allen (Founder, Chairman & CEO, Entertainment Studios) At Supreme Court Hearing In Racial Discrimination Suit Against Comcast Source:Getty

If we’re talking bold Taurus energy, it doesn’t get any bolder than Entertainment Studios Inc. founder Byron Allen. Multimillion-dollar mogul and funnyman alike, Allen is a polarizing figure when it comes to Black men in media.

2. Cam Newton

Cam Newton Source:Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe/Getty Images

American football star Cam Newton is as charismatic as they come when taking about our Taurus folk. No matter where he plays, whether alongside the Patriots or the Panthers, his skills as a quarterback come second to none. 

3. Carla Hall

'Harlem On My Plate' New York Screening Source:Getty

Taurus nature is said to be “slow and steady,” and that makes sense when considering Top Chef‘s own Carla Hall. Divine dishes take a little extra time to prepare, and the master courses that Hall used to whip up on her cooking talk show The Chew had be the work of a Taurus.

4. Cedric the Entertainer

Cedric the Entertainer at MCCH Soundboard DL Source:MotorCity Casino

When it comes to comedy, Taurus people are said to be lowkey with their jovial appeal. When it comes to the comedy of Cedric the Entertainer, his jokes are slick enough to pass over your head, only to understand & laugh about them even harder days later. A true Taurean, indeed.

5. Chris Brown

Chris Brown , Yella Beezy , TY $, Ty Dolla Sign , Joyner Lucas , Tory Lanez , Indigo , IndioGoat Source:Radio 1 Digital

Those that rep the Taurus zodiac appreciate the finer things in life, and with songs like “Fine China” to his name, in addition to his real-life lavish lifestyle, Chris Brown couldn’t be anything else other than a Taurus. Salute.

6. Chris Paul

Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints Source:Getty

Protective nature goes hand-in-hand for a Taurus, and NBA vet Chris Paul can attest to that as it plays out for him both as a leading point guard on his given NBA team and as a loyal dad to his growing family. Definitely nothing like a Taurean dad!

7. Coretta Scott King

Coretta Scott King At 'Stars for Freedom' Rally Source:Getty

Just as powerful of a figure in the civil rights movement as her late husband Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the lovely Mrs. Coretta Scott King always embodied strong-as-a-bull energy at all aspects of her life. That mission for African-American equality that she fought for until the end still lives on today.

8. Darius Rucker

2018 CMA Fest Night Concerts Source:WENN

Once lead vocalist of the popular ’90s band Hootie & the Blowfish, Darius Rucker tapped into his need as a Taurus to be independent and launch a solo career as a record-breaking Black country star.  Who could blame him?

9. Dennis Rodman

Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis Source:WENN

Creative energy is second nature for a Taurus, and the many hairstyles alone over the years when it came to Bulls legend Dennis Rodman made for enough proof to tell that he’s a Taurus through and through. He might even be the mascot!

10. Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington - Heathrow Airport - London Source:Getty

Jazz icon Duke Ellington possessed a special ambition in order to lead a jazz orchestra on a journey to set standards in music while simultaneously spearheading it all as a Black man in 1920s America. Taurus people can surely relate to that sense of mental tenacity.

11. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Source:Getty

Taureans are known to possess a sense of balance, or we guess in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s case balancing multiple careers.  He seamlessly dives back and forth into his pro wrestling persona, while also taking Hollywood by storm in a highly lucrative way with ease. 

12. George Lopez

Sneak 'Beak' Screening Of 20th Century Fox's 'Rio' - Arrivals Source:Getty

The Taurus approach to comedy, which can oftentimes borderline on dry humor, is stand-up all-star George Lopez to a tee. Definitely not a bad quality to possess when delivered the way this Latin King of Comedy always brings it.

13. Grace Jones

Grace Jones Source:Splash News

A icon in the world of music and fashion alike, Grace Jones is the epitome of that luxurious knack for taste and art that’s become synonymous with being a Taurus. Heard you, Queen!

14. Janet Jackson

2018 Janet Jackson Source:client provided

We could spend days telling you about the amazingness that is Janet Jackson, but many of her fellow Taurus troopers could already spot that from their shared personality of being perfectionists. Looking back at the Queen of Pop’s career over the past 40 years and counting, that trait sure does prove to pay off. 

15. Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss attends Essence Black Women In Hollywood Source:Nigel Degraff

Being able to lead is a Taurus trait for sure, and Kandi Burruss has been displaying that energy throughout her whole career. From singing lead on some of Xscape’s classic hits from the ’90s to vying for “center Peach” status on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Kandi is a top tier Taurus.

16. Karrueche Tran

Karrueche Tran Source:Getty

Moving on from “famous girlfriend” status into being seen as a well-respected actress with her work on the hit TNT series Claws, Karrueche Tran made Taurus people proud by activating that innate sense of hard work. Truck on, Tran!

17. Katherine Jackson

Michael Jackson Immortalized At Grauman's Chinese Theatre - Inside Source:Getty

Those lucky enough to claim Taurus also share an unconditional sense of being dedicated, which is easily a good way to describe The Jackson clan matriarch Katherine Jackson. We saw her nurturing spirit come out over the years with the Jackson children and grandchildren alike, which can be easily be credited to those zodiac traits she possesses.

18. Kevin Garnett

Los Angeles Clippers Celebrity Basketball Game Source:Getty

His career on the court showed a sense of ambition that proved Kevin Garnett was fit to represent for the Taureans of the world. His bull-like nature as a legendary NBA power forward just further cemented that energy.

19. Lovie Smith

Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy... Source:Getty

You may have noticed that your Taurus friends are big on honesty, which comes as second nature for a legendary football coach like Lovie Smith. Who else will tell it to you like it is better than coach?

20. Mayor Cory Booker

Sen. Cory Booker: We Have To Make Criminal Justice Reform A Movement In This Country Source:NewsOne Now

Cory Booker being one one of Trump’s main opposers on many occasions, showed off his Taurus persona even if he didn’t know it. Going against authority, especially those with policies that feel like a waste of time, is such a Taurus thing to do.

21. Minister Louis Farrakhan

Saviours' Day 2007 Source:Getty

The leadership skills that help Minister Louis Farrakhan spearhead the Nation Of Islam are very much Taurus traits. That sense to challenge authority and also to maintain consistency also play a part in building his powerful personal as well.

22. Ray Lewis

Jacksonville Jaguars v Baltimore Ravens Source:Getty

You don’t have to look at the bold NFL career of two-time Super Bowl champion Ray Lewis to see how much of a Taurus he is, especially since his strong bone structure resembles that of a stern bull as well ironically.  

23. Ron Washington

League Championship - Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Two Source:Getty

MLB player-turned-coach Ron Washington possesses the wisdom of both performing in the game and leading a team to victory in one, giving off major Taurus vibes. Actually, are we seeing a trend that Taureans make the best coaches? 

24. Sommore

Sommore Source:Richmond Funny Bone

Comedy is a thing that comes easily to Taurus people, and in the case of The Queens Of Comedy standout Sommore that proved to be a given. Her whole career has been a boastful banter of hilarious Taurus energy, and we’ve loved every bit of it. 

25. Stevie Wonder

Photo of Stevie Wonder Source:Getty

Even if he can’t see the world the way we do, R&B pioneer Stevie Wonder is a Taurus of the highest order in that he took that trait of hard work and completely used it to overcome many adversities. A king in every bit of the word.

26. Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns Boxing At Caesars Palace Source:Getty

For the 20 years that boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard competed professionally, he proved to be a polarizing figure that made his Taurus affiliation not too surprising. Every punch, every jab asserted his persistent Taurean nature and help cement his legacy as a champ to be valued for generations to come. 

27. Ving Rhames

Ving Rhames Source:Christian Black

Diversity is yet another Taurus trait, which Ving Rhames proves all the time when it comes to his career in front of the camera. His iconic roles as drag queen Holiday Heart and “momma’s ex-con boyfriend” Melvin are two completely different personas, and it takes a talented Taurus like Rhames to pull both off with precision.