2022 saw a handful of celebs get canceled by the general public. We look at 10 that may or may not have a second chance at fame in 2023.

Revisit Hollywood history with these 11 films that were hits during their time, but probably wouldn't get made in today's cancel culture era.

Read our report on the social media war currently going on via Twitter regarding Joe Rogan, R. Kelly, Spotify and the overall ethics of race when it comes to cancel culture.

Fans hoping to see Steve Harvey return to the standup stage may have to wait a very long time, if ever at all, after the King of Comedy made an interesting comment recently on how cancel culture has killed any chance for comedians to flourish.

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Duke Ellington School of the Arts high school was set to name its theater after Dave Chappelle but the event has been postponed by five months over threats of student protests in response to comedian’s latest Netflix special, 'The Closer.'

Following the backlash he received for crude transgender and homophobic jokes in his new Netflix special 'The Closer,' stand-up icon Dave Chappelle has decided to not only stand behind his comedy but also make light of the negative feedback altogether.

Just when it seemed like all was lost for DaBaby on his redemption tour back into the industry's good graces, the 29-year-old emcee finally came through with an apology by way of a few HIV organizations he met with recently.

As rapper-on-the-decline DaBaby continues to receive backlash from his viral Rolling Loud rant, many outlets are reporting that Kanye West, or someone in his camp, removed his DaBaby-featured remix to "Nah Nah Nah" off streaming platforms.

DC3's Michelle Williams had to respond via Instagram after the hit Destiny's Child song "Cater 2 U" got canceled by fans that thought it could be interpreted as a "slave song."

Feel how you want about cancel culture, but the new generation has one of the biggest supporters of their movement by way of former President of the United States, Barack Obama.