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When should Black Women start mammograms? How is the BRCA Test when it comes to early detection of breast cancer? Could your athletic wear increase your chances of breast cancer?

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Yolonda Ross, star of the ground-breaking Showtime series 'The Chi,' today announced with Rhonda Feinberg, a special donation of $100,000, funded by The Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation, to three grassroots organizations serving women of color who are living with breast cancer.

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The wife of actor Terry Crews was diagnosed with breast cancer weeks ago, and has since undergone a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. “Though it was Stage 1, you’re overwhelmed with fear,” Rebecca, 54, shared with PEOPLE of her experience. “Like cancer is this all-consuming, all-powerful evil entity.” As noted by Page Six, the mother of five had a small, pre-cancerous […]

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The American Cancer Society recently reported a drop in the overall cancer death rate in the U.S., with an overall 29% decline in cancer deaths from 1991 to 2017. This resulted in 2.9 million fewer deaths over this span. This decline was mainly attributable to progress in the four most common cancers: lung, colorectal, breast and prostate […]

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The Fultz Quadruplets were the first identical Black quad babies born in the United States. The Fultz girls became baby celebrities, while Fred Klenner, the white doctor who delivered them into the world, exploited them for fame and money. The Fultz Quads – Mary Louise, Mary Ann, Mary Alice, and Mary Catherine – were born […]

What You Need To Know: Today is the final day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But for some, breast cancer awareness is every day of the year. Why We Need To Know: Thirty-five years ago today, my mother underwent a mastectomy. And for almost eight years afterward, I lived with the constant fear of the […]

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She’s the eyes, ears and brains of the emergency department. Marlyne Barrett stars as Maggie Lockwood in NBC’s “Chicago Med.” The charge nurse is skilled and confident but finds herself dealing with a profound health issue – cancer. Barrett shared with reporters during “One Chicago Day” about her mom and aunts’ fight against the disease. Q: What did you […]

OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH MATHEW KNOWLES WAS ON THE SHOW FRIDAY TO DISCUSS HIS BREAST CANCER DIAGNOSIS.WHAT ARE THE SIGNS/SYMPTOMS OF BREAST CANCER FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN? For men and women, possible symptoms of breast cancer may include the following: Changes to skin overlying the breast. These changes can include dimpling, redness […]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with a sister who you’ve probably seen online. Ericka Hart was diagnosed with breast cancer at 28-years-old and and had a double mastectomy. Hart first gained attention in 2016 when she went topless at a Brooklyn music festival and a photographer took her […]

Men can get breast cancer. Yes you read that correctly, anyone with breast tissue can get breast cancer. Matthew Knowles, Beyonce and Solange’s daddy, recently shared that he was diagnosed with breast cancer. He says it all started with a drop of blood on his shirt. But when his wife told him that she saw […]

Cancer is a scary word and since October is breast cancer awareness month here are some ways to prevent breast cancer. Some of the things that you can do to help decrease your risk of developing breast cancer like decreasing your carbs, increasing your intake of natural soy, and eating the right fats. Most importantly […]

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Mathew Knowles, the mastermind behind Destiny’s Child and the beginnings of Beyoncé’s solo career has revealed that he’s been diagnosed with breast cancer. According to TMZ, Knowles, 67, will open up about the health battle Wednesday morning on “Good Morning America” with Michael Strahan. The mortality rate for men in higher than women. Actor Richard Roundtree, who […]