Because of the Coronavirus pandemic most people aren’t going to the movie theaters. But, Oleebo has a film that he thinks everyone will like. Sonic The Hedgehog stars Tika Sumpter and it is “straight out of the video game,” he says. Sonic must defeat the evil genius who wants to lock him in his lab […]

It’s officially March which means college basketball March Madness is here! But, Oleebo points out that there is madness in other places too. Like the movie called ” The Way Back.” staring Ben Affleck . It’s about a widowed, former basketball all-star who attempts to comeback by becoming the coach his high school basketball team. […]

This week’s movie is “a real turkey,” it’s a “bad remake movie.” It’s called “Charlies Angels” starring “the girl from twilight. The movie was so bad Oleebo felt like he was watching a bootleg of a movie that has already been bootlegged. He doesn’t know why they remade the movie because, “remakes never work.”

September is National Hispanic heritage month in honor of the month this week’s movie is Rambo: Last Blood. Oleebo is glad to report that this is the sixth and final Rambo movie! In the film, Rambo travels to Mexico to get revenge on those who have wronged him. And man…this guy has aged. Oleebo says this […]

Strip clubs have been making “fat ugly men feel sexy” for years, Oleebo says. And because of this he is pretty sure that there were some “fat ugly men” in this weeks movie, Hustlers. The film stars Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B and follows a group of very smart former strippers. He gives the movie […]

This week’s review is on the Fast & Furious spin off Hobbs & Shaw. Oleebo believes the film should have been called, “Deja Vu I Hate You Venn Diesel.” In the movie The Rock is fighting Idris Elba to save the future of earth. Oleebo says “you will love this movie if you put mayo […]

This week’s movie is called “Crawl,” it tells the story of a young woman who got stuck in a house during a Category 5 hurricane while trying to save her father. As the house floods she is forced to fight for her life, not only to not drown but to not be attacked by alligators. […]

With the 4th of July approaching, Oleebo remembers the horror that Black people were living in back then and reviews a horror movie. The movie is Annabelle Comes Home and it’s about a babysitter who awakens the evil spirit inside of the Annabelle doll. This is the 5th Annabelle movie and Oleebo wasn’t feeling it. […]

‘Shaft’ was the perfect movie to take dad to see for Father’s Day because it features three generations of men working together to sold a mystery. Shaft the third enlists his dads help to find answers about his friend’s death. But, his father seeks help from his own father as well, the original shaft. Oleebo […]

‘Ma’ is a thriller starring Octavia Spencer and it was highly anticipated. In the film, white kids befriend Spencer’s character “Ma” and they think they’re living the life! They used her home as a party house where they could be free and unsupervised. But, just as they think life can’t get much better…it gets worse […]

The movie Oleebo reviews this time is Disney’s live action Aladdin! It’s about a street peddler and power hungry villain fighting over a magic lamp with a genie inside. The genie is played by Will Smith and he has the power to make their wishes come true. Oleebo found a few issues with the film, […]

John Wick is a super assassin who is on the run for killing folks…like an assassin does. But since he killed members of the assassins guild, people are trying to find and kill him! Halle Berry plays an assassin and she was awesome! Oleebo gives the movie 2 handbags, go and see it!