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Hal Jackson was a broadcaster who broke a number of barriers and worked hard to bring balance in a field dominated by whites. The pioneering disc jockey was born November 3, 1915. Harold Baron Jackson was born in Charleston, S.C. and was raised in Washington, D.C. after losing both parents as a boy. His career […]

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Have you ever been to a cookout, boat ride, pool party, music festival, family reunion, old school basement party and sorority/fraternity conference all at the same time? Then you haven’t been to the Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage presented by Denny’s. There’s a reason why it’s a bucket list item for so many people. As […]

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As you may have heard, Mexican-American comedian George Lopez has been in little bit of hot water lately for throwing a woman out of his show, who objected to what has been considered – out of context – as a racially motivated joke. While social media set Lopez afire, the woman at the center of […]

The Black radio family nationwide is mourning the loss of longtime Chicago DJ Herb ‘The Cool Gent’ Kent. Kent was a longtime on-air personality for Chicago’s V103 station and was added to the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest-working on-air radio personality. The “King of the Dusties” got his start as a […]

The late Rev. William E. Summers III was a pioneering figure in Black radio in the state of Kentucky. In 1967, he became the first Black person to manage a radio station in the United States, and in 1971 he was the first Black person in Kentucky to own a station. Born in 1918, Rev. […]

For over 40 years, Indianapolis broadcaster and community activist Amos Brown was a vocal champion on behalf of the city’s Black citizens. Brown passed away last Friday in his hometown of Chicago, leaving a huge void in the Black media space in the Circle City. Amos C. Brown III, born December 18, 1950, first came […]

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Cathy Hughes talks about her role as founder of Radio One, the largest black-owned broadcast company in America and what it was like to be…

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“Jolly” Jerry Boulding, also known as “The Doctor of Radio”, was a radio industry pioneer who started the country’s first urban format for satellite delivery called “Heart & Soul.”  As a program director, Boulding has programmed 16 radio stations in over 6 major markets throughout the country. A former radio personality, Boulding referred to himself […]