Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry

Ladies have you ever lost a friend over a man? Kym has, she lost a girlfriend and a gay friend over the same man! Her girlfriend showed her photos of her new boo, but then her gay friend showed her his new boo and it was the same man! People get mad when you tell […]

Ladies if you’re dating a man who wants to remain celibate until marriage but you don’t want to be married….what then? Sherri doesn’t plan on getting married again so any man who tells her that is not an option. She says that celibacy is from the old testament and they need to come into the […]

On a recent episode of “The Real,” Comedian Loni Love encouraged Black women to be open to dating outside of their race. Funny chair guest host Jackie Fabulous said she’s open to dating a white guy, but they never approach her. She even flirts with them but they “run away screaming,” she said.

T.I. revealed that he accompanies his daughter Deyjah to the gyno yearly to make sure she’s still a virgin. To Sherri she wants to know what kind of man he is that he doesn’t trust any man. Kym believes Deyjah may be traumatized from this experience. What are your thoughts?

Wedding planning is stressful! But sometimes being a bridesmaid can be just as stressful, especially if the bride is a bridezilla. Kym has been in so many weddings and she refuses to be in another. She’s got too many bridesmaid dresses in her closet that she can never use again. And her most important rule […]

Dating is fun and sometimes funny! But when it comes to dating a guy too young things can get interesting. Sherri is okay with it but she finds herself having to remind guys that she needs a break because she’s not like their PlayStation. An older man might be better because all you have to […]

Ladies know, if you have a good stylist who knows your hair and knows your scalp, you will follow them anywhere. Kym says it’s just like having a good man…you will follow them to the ends of the earth. Kym even broke up her stylists relationship when she started talking about following her man to […]

Everyone has that one friend who thinks they’re your BFF but they’re not. Kym and Sherri have very specific things that make someone their BFF. One thing is that you have to have proven you’re a ride or die by going on a late night stalking trip with them. What makes someone your BFF? HEAD […]

Today’s topic is if dating a man with a baby mama or ex wife is a deal breaker and both Sybil and Cocoa Brown agree those aren’t deal breakers. But, things get difficult and sometimes creepy when you’re dating a man whose wife has passed away. Because they didn’t breakup there isn’t that dislike, so, […]

Have you ever dated a guy and then broke up but their mom won’t leave you alone? Kym says it happens all of the time! All of her ex’s moms love her! She buys them good gifts, takes them places and goes out with them. She’s even roasted her ex in front of his whole […]

As women we have a lot of different products that serve different purposes, but some of us are actually junkies. Sherri has so many hair, skin and beauty products that she has a hard time finding a place for them all. She’s such a junkie that every time she’s offered a sample she takes it […]