Aretha Franklin is a living legend, so it only makes sense that her story be told one day on the big screen. The queen of soul herself joined “The D.L. Hughley Show“for an exclusive chat where we asked her who she’d prefer to play her in a biopic. Get “The D.L. Hughley Show” Delivered To You! Listen […]

Wendy Williams was added to the Aaliyah biopic as an executive producer over the summer. And ever since, she’s been promoting the heck out of the biopic. And she’s been justifying the portrayal of R. Kelly and Aaliyah‘s relationship and alleged secret marriage in the biopic as well. But no one should expect anything less […]

Idris Elba has announced plans for a November release of “mi Mandela,” an album inspired by his experience playing late South African anti-Apartheid leader Nelson Mandela in “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.”‎ According to Billboard, Elba said the release will feature South African musical talent and guest vocals from such artists as Mumford & Sons, […]

Gladys Knight has the perfect singer-actress in mind to play her if a biopic was to ever be made — Destiny’s Child former second lead singer, Kelly Rowland. It turns out Knight is a big fan of Rowland’s and if anyone wanted to cast Rowland as the veteran singer, she would have a legend’s approval. […]

After months of debates and rumors swirling around which actor/comedian would play the legendary Richard Pryor in the long-awaited biopic of his life, Oprah Winfrey finally confirmed who would play the iconic funnyman. Click through to the next page to see who the talk show mogul has in mind for the job!

If you’ve been keeping track on who’s more likely to play Richard Pryor in a big screen version of the late comedian’s life, then put Mike Epps down as the one to watch. According to Deadline, the funnyman has emerged as the current frontrunner for the role in the Lee Daniels-directed biopic after blowing everyone […]

Master P is a business man, and he’s about to make his next big move. According to Headkrack, the rapper/entrepreneur is set to release a…

The actor who plays Bobby Brown in the upcoming Whitney Houston biopic for Lifetime is defending the project, saying he understand the family’s resistance to a TV movie, but believes the project honors her memory. “I really do feel like it does do her justice, and at the same time, I do understand their reservations,” […]

Aaliyah is headed to the big screen. reports that singer B. Simone will play the late singer in a feature film that is scheduled to hit theaters in late 2015. Popular author Zane will write the film’s script. Among those named as possible co-stars are Terrence Howard and Wood Harris. Barry Hankerson, Aaliyah’s uncle […]

Aspiring singer and television host B. Simone has been reportedly selected to play the Zane written Aaliyah biopic, scheduled to hit theaters in 2015. Does the Dallas, TX native have the look? Click the gallery to see!

Looks like Mike Tyson may be jumping on the biopic trend that’s saturating TV and movies nowadays. And he already has someone in mind to play him in a movie. Who could be? Non other than Jamie Foxx, of course. In an interview with the Associated Press, Tyson, who recently revealed he was in talks […]

The exclusion of Eazy-E’s son, Eric Wright Jr., from playing his dad in the highly-anticipated N.W.A. biopic may have produced rumors of him being upset from the snub, but according to Ice Cube, there’s a legit reason behind the selection of another entertainer for the role.   In a phone interview with a Colorado radio […]