Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry

Bama Of The Week is the person who has done the craziest thing you can think of. This week’s bama is Terry Crews, this man recieved nothing but love and support from Black women when he opened up about his sexual abuse. One Black woman who came to his defense was Gabrielle Union. Guess how […]

Huggy doubts he’ll watch the Washington “Circimskins,” play thins weekend. He renamed them, they can’t be the Washington Football Team anymore because they get “clipped and snipped every week,” he laughed. They’re contender number one. Contender number two is the lady at the Brooklyn Zoo who ended up in the Lion cage “like he ordered […]

This week everyone was a bama! Popeyes decided that if you want a sandwich you have to bring your own bun, Sarah Palin’s husband can’t deal with her anymore, the Washington Football Team blew a 17 point lead and so much more. But, the biggest Bama of them all is the man that Chriss Teigan […]

This week, like most weeks in America, was a crazy one. But, one of the most outrageous things said this week came out of U.S. Representative Steve King’s mouth. He basically tried to say that rape and incest aren’t that bad. So, because of this Huggy named him not only the Bama Of The Week, […]

This week we have two nominees that are part of our TJMS family. Guy Torry was nominated because he went in on a family member about their outfit. Next is Roland Martin for dressing weird enough to be made fun of by Guy. But, as crazy as Guy and Roland were, the Republicans are the […]

Alex Rodriguez is the Bama of the Week! he went Sarah Sanders during an interview with Sports Illustrated and said he sat with Kylie Jenner at the Met Gala and she bragged about how much money she had. Kylie tweeted him and said that they actually talked about Game of Thrones. He then went on […]

This week was a mess…like most weeks! But there was nothing as insane, hilarious, or ridiculous than Ben Carson confusing real estate term REO with Oreo cookies. Why would he think he was being asked about a snack? Maybe he was thinking about the nickname his cousins gave him. But no matter his reasoning…Ben Carson is […]

Dan Baker is the Bama of the week, and for good reason. If you don’t recognize his name it’s because he’s really no one to know. He’s the BBC radio host who posted a picture of a couple holding a chimp and captioned it the royal family leaving the hospital. At this point Huggy is going […]

Donald Trump is once again the Bama Of The Week. He’s actually been named the Bama For Life. Think about it…what does he not do wrong? Since he’s taken office he’s done nothing but act a fool and embarrass the whole country. So once again…he takes the crown of Bama Of The Week. HEAD BACK […]

William Bar is the Bama of The Week for obvious reasons. But, for those of you who didn’t keep up with the news this week Huggy explains why. He tried to lie for Trump by declaring President Trump did not obstruct justice when it comes to Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. HEAD BACK TO THE […]

This week was full of basketball foolishness! The Big Baller Brand lost their only client, Magic quit and so much more. But, Paul Pierce went full on Bama mode when he decided to compare himself and the legacy of his career to that of Dwayne Wade. Huggy is convinced that Jussie Smollett must be behind […]