Angela Rye Believes It’s Time For Black People To Build Their Community


President Donald Trump’s State Of The Union address was not received well by many people. Of those is prominent journalist Angela Rye who is not afraid to tell it like is when it comes to the truth. She’ll be hosting a BET special called Angela Rye’s State of the Union where she’ll analyze and talk about the speech.

“It is Angela Rye’s State of the Union, it’s a special on BET were we’re bring together the most brilliant black minds in our community to talk about not just what Donald Trump said last night but also our solutions, our State of The Union,” expressed Rye. “It’s time for us to start working together to improve our own conditions because it’s clear from everything he said to far before the election to what he said last night he is not checking for Black folks. So we’re going to work on it on our own.”

Tune into BET at 10 p.m. ET/9p.m. CT for Angela Rye’s State of the Union.



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8 thoughts on “Angela Rye Believes It’s Time For Black People To Build Their Community

  1. SheCat54 on said:

    First we need to teach our children at an early age to not be so quick to turn on their own race for them nasty pecker wood men/women. Time for our race to STOP this nasty interracial cycle and concentrate on building strong families. Half breeds or whatever DO NOT represent the brown skin community (not mexican) I’m tired of them just as much as I’am pecker woods. Let’s build, but first we need to SEPARATE.

  2. Darlene Johnson on said:

    Okay, but let’s face the truth our communities are a complete war zone, and we refuse to band together and get positive results.

  3. African American Woman on said:

    Love this! Only issue I have is that this should be a continuing conversation. We should be working together consistently to build our own communities, financial security and a firm set of ethics that we hold ourselves and each other to. We cannot cintinue to look to or wait for others to do,something for us that we refuse to do for ourselves…I’m and very interested to see what she has to say.

  4. Ted Gravely on said:

    I’m a big fan and Angela I’ll be watching. You build communities by having strong families. Strong families have kids that graduate from high school, get a job, save money and start investing, buy a home – don’t rent, marry and start Families. Those are some of the ingredients. Other demographics come in and snatch property when you’re renting. That’s business. Start your own neighborhoods, build grocery stores, franchise. You don’t have to have a lot of money to start, pool your resources, and manage expectations. Realize it won’t be overnight. I could go on, but you get the picture. Will African Americans stand strong and patient enough to bring this to fruition? Go Angela.

  5. October on said:

    @L. True but we first must become a unifying force. We spend much money in this Country but still lag behind ownership of businesses in our communities. That, I believe, would mean we would have to get off our respective butts and do some work which most of will not do. Until then, we shouldn’t complain, moan and groan. Just my take, any thoughts?

  6. Building OUR communities would be fine if GENTRIFICATION were not occurring in urban areas across this country.

    white folks with way too much $$$ are coming to the “hoods” buying/renting property while
    receiving TAX ABATEMENTS from the city. This results in PEOPLE of COLOR PAYING
    for THEM to reside in OUR AREAS.

    Most people of color who reside in urban areas have done so for years and own their homes.
    Their PROPERTY TAXES are steadily being INCREASED due to the influx of whites.

    Back in the day when WE dared to move to predominately white sections-whites
    left-WHITE FLIGHT!!!!!!


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