The Will Downing Public School Arts Initiative was created by Robbie Todd, who’s part of Will Downing’s management team and like Will, A Public School grad. It was launched in Sept. at John P Parker and Silverton Paida Schools in Cincinnati. Shout out to Principals Dr. Mack and Mrs Fuqua. Will was able to inspire over 60 kids about his experience in the arts and the discipline it takes to succeed by being the best you can be in anything you want to do.The kids then had a chance to ask Will questions and even got him to sing a little. Will and Robbie also donated a piano to the school.

These are the four principals:

Artist, using their celebrity, to bring awareness of the importance of arts in public schools. Sadly, arts programs around the country are being cut or not offered at all.

Action-The Challenge
Challenging all touring artist to spend 20 minutes at a local public school, sharing your knowledge of the arts. If going to the school is not an option, invite a class of kids to your sound check then post pictures of you with the kids and challenge other artist to do the same.

Asking local churches to gather used instruments and donate them to the closest public school.


Partnering with local artist to continue to work with kids. The local artists today is the national artist tomorrow. In Cincinnati we are partnering with Vocalist Teri Anderson and The Alter Egosz band, both whom are currently working with the kids in Cincinnati.