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Donald Glover released a single and music video for his new song called This Is America which accurately depicts what America has come to. Twitter was not ready! 

1. ‘This Is America’

this is america

2. ‘This Is America’

Childish Gambino

Mesmerizing. Disturbing. Violent. Beautiful. Tragic. Materialistic. Melodic. Chaotic.

3. ‘This Is America’

i’m not saying anyone should hold back their craft but I hope no dancers choreograph to This Is America. Take it in how it is and do not touch the art.

4. ‘This Is America’

I wonder if Kanye will come to kick him self for releasing his Poopityscoop tune at the same time as This Is America

5. ‘This Is America’

The music video for “This Is America” by Childish Gambino has garnered more than 12 MILLION views on YouTube in 24 hours, making it one of the biggest first day views this year.

6. ‘This Is America’

(Yes, I know you’ve probably already seen it… but…) “This is America” by the GENIUS @DonaldGlover is one of the most moving, disturbing and beautiful works of art I’ve seen in years…

7. ‘This Is America’

Childish Gambino – This Is America visual the most talked about right now 🔥

8. ‘This Is America’

Shook by how fast I caught this reference. I haven’t seen a Jim Crow picture in years. Donald Glover did not come to play with y’all today. #ThisIsAmerica

9. ‘This Is America’

#ThisIsAmerica It’s like Kanye was supposed to be our musical Anakin Skywalker,but now Childish Gambino/Luke Skywalker (The New Hope) has filled the seat meant for the ‘father’. THE IRONY…

10. ‘This Is America’

“Black man, Black man… get your money… Black man, Black man… get your money… Black man, Black man.. get your money… Black man, Black man… GET DOWN”

SHOOK. #ThisIsAmerica #ChildishGambino

11. ‘This Is America’

this feels like a visual representation of black twitter trending topics: Black joy and black terror coexisting, always. #ThisIsAmerica

12. ‘This Is America’

Donald Glover/Childish Gambino literally addressed years of major issues in America that don’t like to be discussed because ‘it’s offensive’ or ‘not a big deal’ in a matter of minutes. The video may be graphic but doesn’t compare to what really happens everyday. #ThisIsAmerica

13. ‘This Is America’

Childish Gambino/Donald Glover is a more talented individual than Kanye West. Enjoy that hot-take this Sunday afternoon

14. ‘This Is America’

Childish Gambino is what Kanye aspires to be but fails to attain.


15. ‘This Is America’

Death riding the Pale white horse while he is followed by Hell (represented by police) going totally unnoticed because of dancing and pop culture in the foreground is the single greatest cinematic message I’ve seen in a music video to date. #ThisIsAmerica

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