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1. Obviously, she is the first African American First Lady in the history of the United States. (Pinterest Acct)

2. To promote healthy eating, she planted the first White House organic vegetable garden.

3. She is the first to tackle childhood obesity and form a movement to combat it: ‘Let’s Move’ campaign.

4. She is the first ever to host a Kid’s State Dinner at the White House.

5. She is the first to appear on the kiss cam at a b-ball game and get a kiss from our president.

6. She is the first to catapult unknown designers into stardom by wearing their fashions.

7. The first FLOTUS who has a fashion following, with blogs tracking her daily garment choices.(Associated Press)

8. She is the first to have the most fabulous (talked about) toned arms of any other first lady.

9. She is the first to attend a Beyonce concert.

10. She is the first to have a Twitter and Pinterest account.

11. Please comment on any ‘First’ you think of and we’ll keep this gallery growing. (White House Flickr)

12. Poster nepatsgirl: 1st First Lady I am so proud of, so happy to be able to relate to and who I felt could relate to me.

13. Poster mrmwms: 1st Lady exercises with children from Hackney Primary promoting ‘Let’s Move’ to combat childhood obesity.

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