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Joe Budden x Diddy x Revolt

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The fallout over Sean “Diddy” Combs being exposed as an alleged abuser continues to reverberate throughout Hip-Hop culture. Tahiry Jose and Joe Budden engaged in a back and forth over social media after the the latter essentially called the podcaster turned a hypocrite after he chimed in on Diddy.

The context is essential here, and we must provide a trigger warning for domestic violence survivors.

It’s a fact that Joe Budden has been accused of domestic violence by at least three of his ex-girlfriends; model Esther Baxter, social media influencer Tahiry Jose and reality star Cyn Santana. Despite that allegations that have been made against him, he has vehemently denied ever abusing the aforementioned women, has not been convicted of such in a court of law and there is no footage of him attacking any of the women.

Nevertheless, the controversy that has followed him led to many furrowed eyebrows when he chimed in on Diddy’s much-criticized apology (he even called him a “lying sack of shIt”) after footage was released that showed the mogul assaulting Cassie in a hotel hallway back in 2016.

Regardless of Budden being critical of DIddy, Tahiry Jose dropped a comment in The Shade Room’s repost of his reaction, and she accused the “Pump It Up” rapper of being an abuser, again.

“FOH, Who??? The irony. This is so triggering!!!!! I remember Joey throwing me down a flight of stairs dragging me back into the house & me having to talk him into letting me go,” she wrote in the comments.

She added, “This whole sh*t took me out. So hard to watch. So sorry for Cassie and every other woman who’s currently going through it or has ever gone through it. It’s tough.”

Eventually, Joe Budden responded, and he denied being an abuser and accused Tahiry of being a gold digger. ““@therealtahiry you are a lying, failed gold digger that has abused, targeted and manipulated many men. Outside of me you lack an identity which is why you’ve tried desperately to attach yourself to me for over 15 years,” he wrote in the comments.

He added, ““I had to ask producers to keep you away from us like the cancer you are!! Yet you continue to slight my name online because…it’s your identity. I don’t speak to you or about you because it’s low vibrational. You’re a low level Dyckman con woman that’s been lying about (you already know) for ages. I pray you heal and move on one day, hopefully this is our last exchange. Prayers to all real victims.”

Per usual, Budden is getting dragged up and down timelines, but obviously. he’s been fighting this type of smoke for years.

Tahiry also chimed back in: “@joebudden You can say WHATEVER you want about me! Those that know me know!!!! I’m not scared of you anymore. You can keep bullying, intimidating the rest. Those that know you and are around you also know the truth. Sad that they continue to enable your behavior. Your time is coming!”

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