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1. Althea and Arthur Cheering Historic U.S. Open

US Open Tennis Championship 2023 Source:Getty

Althea and Arthur Cheering Historic U.S. Open


 What You Need to Know:


How this all ends up, no one knows. Not only is American tennis in the spotlight as the U.S .Open matches move closer to the finals, for the first time in the Open era, and for a short time, four Black players reached the quarter-finals of a major tennis tournament, the U.S. Open: Coco Gauff, Madison Keys, Frances Tiafoe and Ben Shelton.


Winning her 10th match in a row, Coco Gauff played her way into her first ever U.S. Open semi-finals. The 19-year-old is the first teen to reach the semi-finals since Serena Williams in 2001.

ESPN reported that the 28-year-old Madison Keys “stunned third-seeded (Jessica) Pegula 6-1,6-3 in an all American clash at Arthur Ashe Stadium Monday, reaching the U.S. Open quarterfinals for the first time since 2018.”

 The last time two Black American men played against each other in the Arthur Ashe Stadium was James Blake vs. Donald Young in 2008. Unfortunately for Frances Tiafoe, the first Black American to reach the U.S. Open semi-finals since the late great Arthur Ashe in 1972, his U.S. Open journey came to an end Tuesday night, losing to Ben Shelton in four sets, 2-6,6-3,6-7,2-6. Just as the 25-year-old Tiafoe had a dazzling moment on the 2022 U.S. Open stage, the 20-year-old Shelton’s time has come.

2. Who is Gabe Amo? Rhode Island’s First Black Congressman Nominee

Voto Latino's 2022 Our Voices Celebration Source:Getty

Who is Gabe Amo? Rhode Island’s First Black Congressman Nominee




What You Need to Know:


In a groundbreaking moment for Rhode Island, Gabe Amo has secured the Democratic nomination for Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District, poised to become the state’s first congressman of color.

Amo, in a gracious victory speech, recognized the trailblazers who paved the way for his candidacy, stating, “I stand on the shoulders of giants—Black, Brown, women, so many who paved this path for me.”

3. Breaking the Bias: Racial Disparities in Schizophrenia Diagnosis

Unassembled head-shaped puzzle. Alzheimer , dementia and mental health concept. 3d illustration. Source:Getty

Breaking the Bias: Racial Disparities in Schizophrenia Diagnosis


What You Need to Know: 


Schizophrenia is a complex mental illness that interferes with clear thinking, social relationships, and emotional management. Diagnosing schizophrenia is challenging, particularly in the early stages, as the symptoms can be non-specific and overlap with other mental health conditions. Understanding the diagnostic difficulties is crucial to addressing the disparities in schizophrenia diagnosis in the Black community.


Could There Be Racial Disparities in the Diagnosis of Schizophrenia?

Evidence suggests that racial disparities exist in the diagnosis of schizophrenia, with Black individuals often facing misdiagnosis or overdiagnosis. Assessment biases, where clinicians overemphasize psychotic symptoms and downplay mood symptoms, can lead to the misclassification of mood disorders such as schizophrenia.

4. Muslim Woman Forced to Remove Hijab For Mugshot

Mugshot in a police station with a shadow of man Source:Getty

Muslim Woman Forced to Remove Hijab For Mugshot




What You Need to Know:


Sophia Johnston, a Muslim woman, was pulled over on August 23 in Wilson County, Tennessee for a broken taillight, then arrested for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant from 2017 for driving on a suspended license. She was then taken to the Rutherford County Jail. Johnston said she had no idea about an outstanding warrant in Rutherford County and it’s something she would have never dismissed.

At the jail, Johnston was asked to remove her hijab to take her mugshot photo. “I was confused. I felt like I was in an unknown place. I was scared, I felt very naked because as a Muslim woman, our hijab is our protection,” said Johnston. Deputies told her if she didn’t take off her hijab, she would be jailed until she complied.

Johnston said she’s been traumatized after this situation and she’s fearful someone will see her mugshot since its public record. Her $5,000 bond was dropped.

5. ADADHD Linked to Higher Risk of Developing Mental Disorders and Attempted Suicide, Study Finds

woman suffers from obsessive thoughts; headache; unresolved issues; psychological trauma; depression.Mental stress panic mind disorder illustration Flat vector illustration. Source:Getty

ADHD Linked to Higher Risk of Developing Mental Disorders and Attempted Suicide, Study Finds




What You Need to Know: 


In a recent study, researchers uncovered a troubling connection between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and an increased likelihood of experiencing depression, suicide attempts, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These findings have brought attention to the influence of ADHD on mental well-being, especially within the Black community.


ADHD is a neurodevelopmental condition that results in a  pattern of hyperactivity, inattention and impulsive behavior that interferes with daily functioning or development.