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1. Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels

Sophia Eggleston (pictured) is suing Lee Daniels for claims that she’s the real Cookie Lyons.

2. Prince

Revelations Perfume & Cosmetics is suing Prince for about $4M.

3. Tommy Lee

Motley Crue Drummer, Tommy Lee, is being sued by his former Personal Assistant.

4. Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart is being sued by her former talent manager.

5. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is suing a post-pregnancy clothing company ‘Belly Bandit’

6. Pitbull & Lindsay Lohan

Pitbull and Lindsay Lohan are suing each other over the use of her name in one of his song. She claims he was slandering her and he claims he was giving her props.

7. Regina King

Regina King is being sued stemming from a car accident.

8. Jonathan Cheban

Jonathan Cheban may sue Kris Humphries for calling him gay on TV.

9. Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono is suing the National Enquirer…get in line, Chaz.

10. David Cassidy

David Cassidy is suing Sony for breach of contract and fraud.

11. Gary Busey

Gary Busey is being sued for pushing a woman at the airport.

12. Venus Williams

In the summer of 2017, the tennis legend got into a car accident at an intersection in Florida resulting in the death of a man. Although she didn’t cause the accident, the person driving the victim’s car crashed into her, she’s being sued in a wrongful death case which she was cleared of but still faces minor legal issues.