Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born on February 20, 1988.

1. Rihanna’s long black waves

2. Rihanna’s pinned hair

3. RiRi with bangs and dark tresses

4. RiRi rocking long red locks.

5. RiRi – soft, red and so sophisticated.

6. Riri has gradually morphed in to a sexy, capricious siren.

7. Rihanna’s throwback do’

8. Rihanna’s long black curls

9. Rihanna’s shaved side

10. Rihanna’s blonde bangs

11. RiRi with a short pink do

12. Riri with soft brown curls

13. Rihanna’s blonde curls

14. Rihanna short do’

15. Rihanna, soft, red and sexy.

16. RiRi in her ‘Pon De Replay’ days

17. Rihanna in March of 2009.

18. Riri tries an asymmetrical cut.

19. Rihanna looking very glamourous in December of 2009

20. Rihanna with her blonde mohawk.

21. Riri is working this sexy cut with some color.

22. Rihanna wears her hair in a soft, short bob.

23. Rihanna early on with long locks

24. Rihanna as a teen with the side bang

25. Rihanna as a teen with brown hair and loose waves

26. Rihanna as a kid rocking the barrettes