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1. 7. A woman in Mississippi walks through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. (Photo: AP)

2. 8. New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina by helicopter view. (Photo: AP)

3. 9. Hurricane Katrina survivors await assistance and rescue. (Photo: AP)

4. 10. The inside of a flooded nursing home is shown. (Photo: AP)

5. 11. Terri Jones tries to cool fellow flood victim, 89, who was overheated and exhausted at the convention center. (AP)

6. 12. Medical personnel comfort a child who was airlifted from New Orleans to the downtown airport in Kansas City. (AP)

7. 13. Hurricane Katrina makes landfall as seen in this photo. (Photo: AP)

8. 14. New Orleans residents are evacuated by boat after floodwater continued to rise. (Photo: AP)

9. 15. The remnants of homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina are seen in Sheel Beach of St. Bernard Parish, La. (Photo: AP)

10. 16. A disabled woman is rescued in Pascagoula, MS after Hurricane Katrina left her stranded. (Photo: AP)

11. 17. volunteer crews rescue members of a family from the roof of their SUV after flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina. (AP)

12. 18. Survivors swim through the flood waters from their home in Lacombe, LA. (Photo: AP)

13. 19. Floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina pour through a levee along Inner Harbor Navigational Canal near downtown. (AP)

14. 20. Cars lie piled up among other debris from Hurricane Katrina in Gulfport, Mississippi. (Photo: AP)

15. 21. A Coast Guard helicopter moves into position to rescue stranded victims from a rooftop on Thursday. (AP)

16. 22. Police & volunteers use boats to rescue residents from a flooded neighborhood on the east side of New Orleans.

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