1. The Wade Union

2. The Coolest: LL Cool J and his family

3. Meet The Epps

4. All hail the Queen — Latifah that is

5. Let’s be real…we’d watch Joseline and Stevie J on their own show

6. Niecy Nash and her family

7. The Bryants

8. Solange and Boyfriend Alan

9. Kevin Hart and his family

10. The Smith Family … how do they really get along? Open marriage? Do they even live together?

11. Monica and Shannon Brown: Love, music, basketball, and family.

12. The Kanye West Experience. Drama, arrogance and his un-censored mouth as he controls Kim Kardashian.

13. The Carter Clan: How does hip hop’s royal couple really roll?

14. The Real Halle Berry Show – An inside glance at her life with her new hubby and two babies.

15. Jennifer Hudson – Her life as a mom, fiancee, and superstar.

16. The First Family. Never happen . . . but we can dream.

17. The Basketball Wives Ex-Husbands’ Club…Fun, Fun, more Fun.

18. All About Kelly- We’d love to see her life in a more intimate way.