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8 thoughts on “Politicians Say the Dumbest Stuff

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  5. Lisa220 on said:

    @grnice103: That was Ann Coulter, she’s a lawyer/author not a politician. She’s also known as the coultergeist due to her senseless observations and rationale.

  6. grnice103 on said:

    Oh there are SO MANY more
    what’s the name of the woman (Republican) ?? that said “Our Blacks are BETTER than yours !!!

  7. hoodtechiee on said:

    16 gaffes and baw could not show at least 3 quotes from joe biden.you people are so biased and subjective it’s pathetic. This clown is one step away from being president and you couldn’t quote him, yeah baw you have definitely become programmed by the democrats. Your articles are biased and for that cannot be considered real news or information. Why don’t you get some real journalist in there to report real facts? Didn’t surprise me either that you featured all but one republicans. I use to wonder why our people are enslaved to the democrats now I see why, subjective news reporting all in favor of the democrats. You guys make nice servants for the master.

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