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Peter Gunz x Cheaters

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We didn’t initially believe it ourselves, but it’s all true. Peter Pankey aka rapper Peter Gunz of “Deja Vu” and Love & Hip Hop fame is indeed the new host of Cheaters.

A fresh trailer for the new season that clearly shows Mr. Pankey holding it down as significant others get the bad news that their partners are cheating on them has hit the Internets, and we’ll never be the same. Mind you, there’s already been a clip of Gunz on duty that made the rounds, but it is what it is.

In the clip, Gunz is seeing comforting who we presume is a woman scorned with a hug and the words, “You’re beautiful, you’re going to get something way better than that, I promise you that.”

Gunz also tells another person, who we’re assuming got busted cheating, “I know the game, I been down this road, I was with you.”

Where is the lie? It is not lost on many that Gunz got his girlfriend and his ex-wife pregnant at about the same time, allegedly.

Also, nuff respect to the legend Joey Greco who got shanked for all his hard work and survived.

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