1. 1. French women’s basketballer Isabelle Yacoubou has her hair adorned with red, white and blue braids. (AP)

2. 2. USA Olympic uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren but were manufactured in China. (AP)

3. 3. Dawn Harper is one happy caped crusader with her silver medal. (AP)

4. 4. Erik Kynard is sporting some very all-American stockings. (AP)

5. 5. These fans from San Francisco wear leotards in the colors of the United States flag in London last week. (AP photo)

6. 6. This British fan has some leggings too. (ap)

7. 7. French swimmer Coralie Balmy wears nail polish in the colors of the national flag (Photo: AP)

8. 8. Colombian swimmer Carolina Colorado Henao wears nail polish in the colors of the British and Colombian flags. (AP)

9. 9. The trend of London 2012 Olympic nail art is everywhere. (Photo: Flickr)

10. 10. Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte (a few years ago) already had an olympic tattoo to go with his new grill.

11. 11. Ryan Lochte smiles and shows his red, white and blue grill. (AP)

12. 12. This fan has earrings, blouse and shades with the British flag colors. (Photo: AP)

13. 13. No need to ask who this little fan is cheering for. (Photo: AP)

14. 14. Meanwhile, back at the Double-Dork Barbell Ranch in the Olympic weightlifting venue… AP

15. 15. Hey, look, it’s the patriotic smurfs. (Photo: AP)

16. 16. I am so hoping this is a wig . . . he’s patriotically cute. (Photo: AP)

17. 17. Morocco’s Sanaa Atabrour, taekwondo competitor, displays her religious tradition and her fashion sense. (Photo: AP)

18. 18. The atmosphere at the 2012 Olympics Women’s Volleyball:United States of America

19. 19. South Korean Greco-Roman wrestling gold medalist Kim Hyeon-woo has a shiner … it’s not eyeshadow. (AP)

20. 20. Happiness is a big smile and some patriotic face paint. (AP)

21. 21. Now this little British fan may not match perfectly but hey, cute trumps all. (AP)

22. 22. Red is a winning color for the US women’s gymnastics team accented with some gold. (Photo: AP)

23. 23. The best fencing headgear in the games. (AP)


24. 24. Kobe and Vanessa Bryant with daughter Gianna prepare to watch the final night of swimming at the Aquatics Centre. (AP)

25. 25. This British fan has nails to match her really big bow. (Photo: AP)

26. 26. These cuties got gold and some awesome olympic glasses. (Photo: AP)

27. 27. This little fan has some shades that are only good for one season. (Photo: AP)

28. 28. Nice shot of the sky and some very fashionable eyewear/headband. (AP)

29. 29. More atmosphere and happy fans on the sidelines. (Photos: AP)

30. 30. A fan shields himself from the rain with a very fashional patriotic umbrella near the basketball arena. (AP)

31. 31. Team USA having a large time on the sidelines. (Photo: AP)

32. 32. More atmosphere and fun on the sidelines. (Photo: AP)

33. 33. This is one happy painted face.

34. 34. Eyewear is almost as popular as nails.

35. 35. Team USA – Litte fan with a big tattoo. (Photo: AP)

36. 36. Venus Williams is definitely TEAM USA. (Photo: AP)