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Lil Nas X surely knows how to stir up controversy, intentional or not. The former is the case since the rapper decided to complement his purposely divisive “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” video with a pair of alleged sinful custom Nike sneakers that set Twitter on fire.

The drama started when it was first reported on Friday (March 26) by @saint the Nas X was dropping a pair of limited edition “Satan Shoes” that are allegedly filled with one drop of human blood and 66cc of red ink in a take on the familiar Air Max 97. Reportedly, they will retail for $1,080 and be limited to 666 pairs.

For many, even despite supporting Nas X’s “Montero” video, this was the last straw. The reaction was swift and emotional, with many crying foul that Nike would collaborate on such a shoe. Many were quick to react before thinking that it’s a 99.99% chance that the Nike brand never would (and they have said as much)—while also neglecting that anyone can make a custom shoe.

The Satan Shoes are a collab with MSCHF, which is touted as a Brooklyn-based “ideas factory” that concocts viral-ready products for sale online. One of their past drops was a pair of “Jesus Shoes” that were Air Max 97’s outfitted with Holy Water. But ya know, details and facts.

So far, Lil Nas X is standing firm behind the design of his kicks. “Y’all gotta admit… the shoe hard!,” he tweeted on Sunday morning (March 28). “u cannot sit here and lie.”

Meanwhile, Twitter still fiercely debates the merits of Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoes,” his devil music and other such topics, often with not a single Google search. Peep some of the best of the best and more unfortunate reactions below.

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